Third graders learn about life cycles through hands-on science

Students in Heidi Kleser’s third grade class at Columbia River Gorge Elementary enjoyed a fun and memorable science lesson as they dissected owl pellets November 20. As part of a unit on life cycles, students learned about the skeletal system, including how to identify bones from rodent skeletons.

Students investigated the contents of the owl pellets, finding tiny rodent remains and identifying them on a skeletal chart. They were excited to share their findings. “I think I found a rib!”

As they worked, students described the size, shape, color and texture of their findings, and what they found in the pellet. They also drew pictures of what they found.

“This is probably a tibia or a fibula,” said student Sawyer Brimhall. “I found a phalange!” said Finn Saunders.

Over the past few weeks students have been studying different organisms and their life cycles, including seeds, plants, and various animals. They’ve learned how organisms adapt to survive in various environments. The lesson was part of a FOSS (Full Option Science System) science kit and support Next Generation Science Standards.

Heidi Kleser and student during science lessonStudents dissect owl pellets

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