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Bargaining update – Washougal Association of Educators 7-12-2018

The Washougal School District and the Washougal Association of Educators (WAE) met for bargaining sessions on July 11 and July 12, 2018.  The District was excited to put forward a fair, equitable, and regionally competitive settlement package for WAE to consider.  This proposal included a salary schedule, which offered a 15% pay increase in in base teacher compensation, inclusive of the deemed done TRI hours.  The offer that has been made would utilize state allocated revenue as well as reserve funds in order to sustain the increase over three years.  This proposal would give teachers at the top of the pay scale an increase of $11,718, and the average teacher a $9,134 pay raise compared to 2017-18.

The association worked throughout the day on July 11 to prepare a counter proposal and provided it late in the day Wednesday.  The two groups met together again on Thursday July 12, and are working toward progress on language, compensation, and other issues. The district is prepared to continue bargaining and has been clear that the WAE counter-proposal must stay within the bounds of state law.  State laws have changed recently and do require negotiated contracts for school year 2018-19 and beyond to be compliant with these new requirements. WAE requested to cancel the scheduled bargaining meeting on July 13.  Both groups will meet again in bargaining on Friday July 20 for the next session and the district remains committed to working toward an agreement that will support Washougal’s teachers and students.

Please see the attached documents to see a comparison of the 2017-18 base plus TRI schedule compared with the district proposal, and an overview of the WSD proposed schedule with additional compensation opportunities.


For previously issued information, please visit our bargaining page to learn more about the history of bargaining and core issues the two sides are trying to come to agreement on.

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