WAE Bargaining Update

The Washougal School District has been engaged in active negotiations with the Washougal Association of Educators (WAE) over the last several days and the time together has provided opportunity to continue the dialogue around finding common ground and understanding. Both parties have exchanged proposals which include additional compensation components.

At the end of the July 24, 2018 session, the association requested a recess from bargaining for the remaining scheduled sessions in July. The district looks forward to returning to the bargaining table on August 8, and in the interim have offered to provide any information to the Association they might need in their preparations. The district will continue to work hard to find common ground and move closer to the association’s position, while still trying to find a settlement that provides fair, equitable, and regionally competitive compensation.

For information on the collective bargaining process, and other updates posted by the district, please visit our Bargaining Updates page.

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