Message from Mary – June 7, 2019

Message from Superintendent Dr. Mary Templeton to WSD Staff – June 7, 2019

In Schools –

JMS:  Congratulations to the JMS staff, led by Principal David Cooke!  JMS has been named a Washington State Recognized School.  David and I had the opportunity to attend a ceremony with the state superintend (Chris ReykdaL) yesterday and picked up the award and a huge banner to hang at the school.  The basis for the award was student growth in Smarter Balanced Assessment for the 2017-18 school year. JMS was recognized for significant improvement in the following measures:

Closing Gaps: recognizing schools previously identified for ESSA support tiers 1-3 with low performing student groups that showed substantial improvement.

Growth: recognizing schools making the annual gains on the Washington School Improvement Framework (WISF) measures and meeting the gap reduction requirement- the WSIF gap between the highest and lowest performing student must be narrowing.

WHS:  Cake Wars-Just when I think it can’t get any better in the culinary class, I found myself in the middle of “cake wars” this week.  Frosting, piping, judging, and voting…unfortunately no tasting!!  The students were preparing cakes to share with family over the graduation/Father’s Day celebrations, so I will either have to get invited to one of the parties or wait till next year and see if they will sell me one!  As usual.. students were engaged, working, learning, and practicing 21stcentury skills.  Well done, Chef Brenda!

In the Community–

Spanish-Speaking Parent Night:   Thanks to the work of many, JMS hosted our first-ever Spanish-Speaking parent night. I can’t tell you how great it was to be able to sit down to dinner with our families and talk authentically about how the district can better support the success of their children.  We talked about academic success, college bound scholarship opportunities, activities/athletics, navigating technology, and volunteer opportunities.  We were joined by several translators to assist with communication, but the big surprise came from Les Brown…who knew that this guy was not only talented in the area of communications and technology, but is also FLUENT IN SPANISH!  Wow!  Great Job!

In the District Office –

Book Study:  The DO leadership team just finished a book study on building trust (The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey).  We were inspired to learn more about the importance of trust and how critical it is that all of us are working together to create environments where trust is seen, felt, and expected.  We know that if we can trust each other in authentic and practical ways, we can maintain our sense of “team” in our district.  We know that trust is not something that is given easily, but rather it is earned by consistent fairness, value for people, and ability to support others.  As my first year ends as your superintendent, I am thankful that all of you have been willing to extend trust to me and I am hopeful I can continue to earn your support as we see Washougal Rising to the top!

Inspiration this week: The Inspiration this week goes to the hard work of the entire organization in preparing our seniors to graduate tomorrow.  Most of these young adults joined us when they were six years old and have been known, nurtured, and challenged to rise by all of you over that last twelve years! Their success is our success!  Thanks for your unwavering commitment to see all our kids launch career, college, and life-ready!

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