Message from Mary – May 21, 2021

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Message from Mary – May 21, 2021

In Schools –

JMS Hosts La Chipsa Events – Helping Washougal’s Hispanic middle school students discover a deeper understanding and appreciation of their culture is the focus of La Chispa, an engaging program that teaches leadership and life skills, promotes the value of bilingualism, and instills a sense of pride. Thank you to David Cooke and the JMS team for making sure that our Hispanic students are known, nurtured, and challenged to Rise! Also, thanks to Rene’ Carroll for “pithing” this wonderful story to local and Portland media outlets.  We look forward to seeing the story in print, but here is the Draft of the Story that she submitted.  It is just such a great description of our intentional work to support our students!!

la chispa

In the Community –

Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA) Youth Award- The Superintendent’s association (WASA) debuted a new student leadership award this year.  Amara Farah, Washougal High School Senior, and one other student from Southwest Washington were honored today at the annual awards ceremony.  This new student leadership award highlights our youth who are actively engaged in supporting equitable practices within our schools and community.  Amara’s excellent work over the last 7 years with Unite! Washougal Coalition was celebrated.  We are proud of our student and her excellent leadership in our region!


In the District Office –

Tea Time with Templeton Hosts Student Panel: I was honored to host a group of 4 students (Thank you: Abe, McKenna, Riley, and McKinley) for the last Tea Time with Templeton for the school year. Well, they were just delightful as they interacted with me and answered all my questions…they even laughed at my jokes (bonus!!).  They were honest about some of the challenges that they faced during this school year and were also optimistic about what we can take “forward” with us through the opportunities that presented themselves during the pandemic.  What they all agreed upon, however, was how important all of you were to them. Without exception, each student shared stories of how the teachers and staff of the Washougal School District cared for them, inspired them, and connected them to each other!  Well done!!

Inspiration this week The inspiration of the week goes to our families for their love and support of all of us during this most difficult season in our careers.  They have listened, advised, supported, and helped us as we maintained our collective commitment to our students.  We are thankful for their love and care and know that they are also one of the reasons our district is Rising!  Thank you, families!!!

Enjoy the weekend!

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