Message from Mary – October 2, 2020

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Message from Mary – October 2, 2020

In Schools –

Cape Horn-Skye First Grade STEM Challenge: I joined the 1st grade “virtual” ice-cream factory tour today and then got to see our talented teachers (Darcy Hickey & Nichole Yung) roll out the STEM challenge for our students.  All students had a STEM kit in their hands and as they were being given directions, I could see about 35 little faces and hands “digging into” their kits and preparing to construct the “biggest free-standing ice cream cone ever”!  The engagement was high and students were eager to get started.  Principal, Brian Amundson, was also on hand as the guest “story teller”.  He read a book about ice cream and the virtue of sharing and kindness.   I loved hearing teachers say to kids, “Hard work should be rewarded…I have to go back sometimes and keep trying…I have to think about things differently if it does not work the first time”.  It seems to me that our teachers not only “said” these words to students, but that they have been modelling this kind of grit, determination, and perseverance for the last 6 months!! Great job of intentional planning and organization that provided this special, hands-on, engaging science lesson for our kids.  Yep…Washougal Rising!

In the Community –

$5000 Donation from Exterior Wood – We have wonderful community partners who support and value the work of our District.  Today, I learned that one of our Washougal Business Leaders (Exterior Wood) donated $5000 to help students pay for school lunches.  Many of our students cannot afford to pay for these meals and thanks to the generous support of this business and other community partners, we are able to assist our students and families.  We value these partnerships that make our community strong.  The General Manager, Brian Paul, dropped off the check today at our Family Resources Center.  If you see him around town, please thank him for this generous support.  These are the strong community/school partnerships that make me confident that Washougal is Rising!

In the District Office –

Communications Team Wins Top State Award:    The Washington School Public Relations Association has named Washougal as the “Best in Category” for Branding/Image Package!  Wohoo!  Congratulations Communications Team (led by Director Les Brown).  I am so thrilled with this win because it means that all of us together have agreed upon our destiny and have been able to establish this strong “brand” that connects our mission statement to our reality.  The ESD 112 team was instrumental in helping us establish these marketing materials.  People know what we are about…that we are committed to knowing, nurturing, and challenging our students and that we are on the “move” to being a top performer in the state.  Check out one of the many publications we created last year to tell our story. Washougal Rising, Indeed!


Inspiration this week The inspiration of the week goes to our excellent principals for their valiant efforts to keep our schools moving forward during the last 6 months.  October is principal appreciation month and now, more than ever, is the chance for us to recognize the important and influential work of our building leaders.  We are blessed with such an amazing team, who model true “servant leadership” for us all.  Another reason why I know that …Washougal is Rising!

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