Message from Mary – October 9, 2020    

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Message from Mary – October 9, 2020

In Schools –

Learning Improvement Day Delivers: What a rewarding and productive professional development day we had today!  Almost 200 Washougal Educators gathered (virtually) today to learn about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and grow in our capacity to build hope and resiliency in all of our children.   I was inspired by the transparency, honesty, passion, and vulnerability of our excellent team as we continue to “play the long game” of understanding how we disrupt systems which perpetuate inequitable opportunities and outcomes for our students. Our team was highly engaged today in the work that will bring us awareness, knowledge, advocacy, and skills.  You all showed your commitment to developing the will and skill to create authentic and effective relationships across differences.  Thank you!

In the Community –

Camas/Washougal Rotary Invested in 3rd Grade Dictionaries – Although COVID has impacted many things, I am here to let you know that the Rotary Dictionary “hand-out” for our 3rd graders is moving forward.  Oh sure…we have had to make some adjustments here, but just this week, our excellent Rotary friends were safely preparing the dictionaries so that we will be able to deliver (or provide an opportunity for pick up) of this wonderful investment that one of our strong community members makes in our schools.  Plans are still being finalized on all the specifics, but it was such a “comfort” to hear that the dictionaries have arrived and we will make sure our 3rd graders get them.  Thank you!

In the District Office –

Clean as a Whistle:   Special thanks for our Custodial Team, led by Debra Kelley, on their stellar efforts to make sure that all of our buildings are being cleaned and sanitized while our buildings are open for small groups of student learning and for staff.   I am sure that all of you had a chance to watch the disinfecting video that Debbie sent out this week so you have an idea of the commitment to safety that this team has.  I know I enjoyed learning about the care and thoughtful approach our custodians are taking to ensure that we are all safe.  Thank You!!

Inspiration this week The inspiration of the week goes to the leadership of the Washougal Education Association, led by President Eric Engerbretson.  We heard today from our professional development trainer that a partnership between teachers and the district to support equity does not typically happen.  The WAE leadership team has a “heart” for this work and has been instrumental in partnering with us as we aspire toward our lofty vision of providing equal opportunities and outcomes for ALL of our students.  Thank you!

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