CTE Food Truck is getting ready to roll!

food truck side view

The new student-operated Career and Technical Education (CTE) Food Truck will be rolling out to serve our community, but first, it needs the perfect name! So, we invited WSD students of all ages to help by taking part in a naming contest. Those names have been submitted and narrowed down by a committee of community leaders and are ready for you to choose YOUR favorite from the top three student submissions. Remember, this new name will help us determine what this truck will end up looking like as well.

When reading these three names, say them out loud. 

  1. What name rolls off your tongue?
  2. What name is easy to remember?
  3. What name would make you curious enough to get you to stop and want to take part in its delicious food?

Students, please use your district issued device, or log into your @washougalsd.org email so the form will work.  This is a student only contest, so you must have a district email to participate.

Click here to submit your #1 name choiceContest runs from until March 10th

And what is next?  A student design concept contest to help in decorating the truck!  Watch for details.

Thank you for participating and being part of the CTE Food Truck’s journey. 

All rights to the name will be that of the Washougal School District and will be used to brand this truck for use in our community.

food truck front

food truck back side

For more information or frequently asked questions, click the link here.






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