The Washougal School Board of Directors has approved a replacement Enhanced Programs & Operations Levy and Technology Levy on the February 11, 2020 ballot at their November 26, 2019 board meeting.

Enhanced Programs & Operations Levy

Washougal voters will be asked to consider a replacement Enhanced Programs and Operations Levy (EP&O) to fund services and operations not funded by the state or federal government.  These services include:

  • Instructional Support
    • Librarians, secretaries, paraeducators, textbooks, curriculum, food service, AVID program, Community Education Programs
  • Student Learning & Staffing
    • Art & music, Advanced Placement, Highly Capable Program, professional development & training, substitute teachers, classified staff substitutes, special education supports, English Language Learner support
  • Athletics & Activities
    • School athletics, coaches, advisors, performing arts programs, extra-curricular activities, transportation
  • Operations & Maintenance
    • Custodians, grounds staff, maintenance staff, utilities, supplies, equipment, fuel, vehicles
  • Health & Safety
    • Security staff, counselors, nurses, Family Resource Coordinators

The EP&O Levy will be assessed at $2.14 per thousand of assessed value for tax years 2021, 2022, and 2023.  The levy is projected to collect generate $7,392,656 in 2021, $7,984,068 in 2022, and $8,622,793 in tax year 2023.

EPO Levy Supports 12% Instructional Support, 42% Student Learning and Staffing, 13% athletics and activities, 29% operations and maintenance, 4% health & safety, on a chart that is shaped like a school house with clock, flag, and book, light bulb, heart, and chalkboard icons for each area

If the replacement EP&O Levy is approved, Washougal will expand its educational offerings so the district can know, nurture, and challenge all students to rise!  Starting in 2021, levy funds will:

  • Develop  a high school and middle school orchestra program
  • Add social/emotional and behavior supports
  • Increase Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) opportunities
  • Offer a dual language immersion program
  • Expand Club 8 afterschool programs to elementary schools
Technology Levy

Technology Levy dollars pay for the district’s 1:1 initiative, up-to-date computers and devices, classroom instructional technology, professional development and coaching, technology infrastructure and staffing, and digital curriculum and software.

The Technology Levy will be assessed at $0.25 per thousand of assessed value for tax year 2021, $.024 per thousand in 2022, and and $0.22 in tax year 2023.  The levy is projected to collect generate $845,000 in 2021, $870,000 in 2022, and $898,000 in tax year 2023.


All Washougal Students have access to an up-to-date Technology Device, thanks to voter support!
What does this cost taxpayers?

If approved by voters, the EP&O levy will cost property owners $2.14 per thousand, and the tech levy will cost $0.25 per thousand.  This will bring property taxes for schools to about the same rate as they were in 2017, before the state implemented a levy swap.  The chart below shows the rate per thousand for  state levy for schools, the EP&O levy, the tech levy, and our school construction bond over time.  Bar graph showing education tax rates historic and proposed with values fluctuating from $7.13 in 2017, $8.06 in 2018, $6.18 in 2019, $6.97 in 2020, $7.14 in 2021, $7.13 in 2022, and $7.11 in 2023

How much will it cost me?

An owner of a $325,000 home (the Washougal average) would pay about $777 per year, or $65 per month for both levies.  This amounts to an increase of about $4.06 per month in 2021, compared to the current tax rates.

To calculate your estimated tax for the combined rates, use this formula:

(assessed home value)  multiplied by $2.39 then divide by 1,000 = annual amount

Are there tax exemptions?

Yes, disabled persons and those over 61 years of age may be eligible for a tax exemption.  For information about these programs, contact the county assessor’s office for your county.  Clark County Assessor is at 360-397-2391 or Skamania County Assessor at 509-427-3720.

Printable version of Levy Voter information for the February 11, 2020 Election

Additional Information

For more information about school district funding, please contact Director of Business Services Kris Grindy at 360-954-3003, or contact the Washougal School District at 360-954-3000.

Washougal School District is seeking applications from citizens interested in being appointed to a
committee to write the pro/con statements for the Clark County Online Voters’ Guide related to the
following two ballot measures for the District to be considered at the February 11, 2020 election: (1) Replacement of Expiring Educational Programs and Operations Levy; and (2) Replacement of Expiring Capital Levy for Instructional Technology. Those interested should send their name, address, phone number and which position they represent to Dr. Mary Templeton at (360) 954-3001 or via email at mary.templeton@washougalsd.org by November 26, 2019 at 10:00am. The Board will take action on the appointments at its November 26, 2019 regular board meeting.

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