Gause Elementary Students Pledge Their Commitment to Safety

Nearly 50 Gause Elementary School 4th and 5th grade students gathered early in the morning on November 18, with proud parents looking on, to pledge their commitment to the safety of their classmates as a member of the School Safety Patrol.

“The patrol students go through a week or more of training before taking on this important duty at our school crosswalk,” said Marvina Bugajski, patrol supervisor. Students watch safety videos and observe current patrol members as a part of the training.  They are also supervised on patrol for two days before being approved for a shift. The group continues their training with monthly meetings for safety lessons, to discuss safety issues, and listen to guest speakers.

“This program is a great opportunity for students to serve their community,” said Gause principal, Renae Burson. “These kids are also positive role models for other students.” 

Burson was pleased to see the crowd of supportive parents at the ceremony. “It is wonderful to have parents attend,” she said.  “It is important for them to connect to the school and see the types of things going on here with their students.”

Student Abby Keeler said it feels good to help others by being a part of the safety patrol.  “I will help people in the crosswalk to go across the street safely by stopping cars with flags,” she explained.

Abby’s mom, Amanda Keeler, was not surprised that her daughter wanted to be a part of this program.  “It shows she can take on responsibility and cares for others’ safety,” she said.  “And she is an early riser and that will help!”

Each student who works on patrol receives a Safety Patrol ID badge from the Boosters and at the end of the year, they are treated to a field trip to Oaks Park to join safety patrol student from throughout Clark County.  “The kids really look forward to that trip!” said Bugajski.  “It is a great reward.”

 At the short ceremony and in front of their parents and siblings, students pledged to report for duty on time, perform duties faithfully, strive to prevent accidents, obey teachers and patrol officers, report dangerous behavior and strive to earn the respect of fellow students.


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