Gause students think about their future during College and Career Week

As part of College and Career week at Gause Elementary, January 8-12, students participated in a variety of activities aimed at preparing students to think about graduation, careers and college.

“As we work to ensure all students are college and career ready, our goal is to introduce students to careers early so they link the importance of education to obtaining their dream job,” said Gause Principal Renae Burson.

Each day of the week had a theme with the culminating activity occurring on Friday, January 12, when students participated in Career Day. Parents and local community members shared information about their careers in K-2 classrooms while students in grades 3-5 visit the career fair held in the cafeteria and the library.

Students were asked to dress to impress the presenters.  They put their best foot forward, learned about a new career and what it takes to get there.

National Guardsman Jeff Dolezal shares information about his profession with Gause students

Fifth grade student Lucy Albaugh said the fire fighter was her favorite presenter.  “I liked to see all of his tools and he did a good job explaining how he uses them,” she said.  Asked why it is important to learn about careers when you are in the fifth grade, Albaugh explained “It helps you to see your future and start planning how you can get there through choosing the right classes to take in school.”

Speakers also included an engineer/geologist, police captain, registered nurse, a fisheries habitat biologist, head start coordinator, coder, a member of the National Guard and more.  Students prepared questions for the presenters and received stamps from each station they visit.

“It is so great to see the wide variety of careers presented that are available locally to our kids,” said event organizer and school counselor, Jerolyn Friesen.  “And it is exciting to watch the exchange between the students and presenters and the questions they ask about the various careers.”

Nurse Andrea Weaver shares information about her profession with Gause Students

The week of fun started with “Made it Monday” students wore orange and black for Washougal High School to celebrate the importance of a high school diploma.

Time Challenge Tuesday focused on the importance of punctuality. Students were rewarded for having all students in a classroom arrive to class on time.

When I Grow Up Wednesday encouraged students to dream big about what they want to be when they grow up and to dress for the part.

Thursday was College Color Day. Students know that college is possible and wore their favorite college colors or gear.

“The Career Day program was a wonderful opportunity for students to interact with community members and explore the many careers available in the local area,” said Burson.


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