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Re-enrolling a student who previously attended a Washougal school?
If you’re re-enrolling a student, you don’t need to fill out the New Student Online Enrollment form.  Simply contact your child’s school office, and let them know you want to re-enroll.  They can use previously provided information to reactivate your student in our system, and will guide you through the process.  If you want to do this before school offices open on August 17, please reach out to Chiska Leigh at District Office, and she can help.

Please note:  Currently enrolled students do NOT need to fill out a registration form for the next school year! 

Please gather requested documents and make sure you provide them to the school office as soon as you can. Your child’s registration at the school will not be complete without these essential components. 

Washougal School District uses the Skyward system’s Family Access to process new student enrollment.  

  • If you currently have students enrolled in our district, and are enrolling a younger sibling or other additional students, you can log into your Skyward account and choose “New Student Online Enrollment” in your Family Access menu.
New Student EnrollmentCurrent WSD Families with a Skyward Account Family is New to Washougal No current students at any WSD school

You can find your child’s school using our boundary lookup tool.  If your home in Washougal is in Clark County, you can also use the Clark County Property Information Center.  

Requested Documents:  (These items can be uploaded during the enrollment process.  If you do not have a way to take a photo or scan documents, please contact your child’s school.  If you do not have the documentation, contact the school after completing the registration. )

  • Completed Immunization Record – WA State CIS Form or Signed CIS Form & exemption form**
  • For Grades 9-12, unofficial transcript from all previous schools  
  • For Grades K-8 a copy of your student’s most recent report card 
  • Birth Certificate, passport, or adoption decree

* To request a Washington State issued birth certificate, click here.  For all other states, we suggest searching for the state’s name plus birth certificate in your favorite search engine to find the process to request one.

** Immunization Information

Medically Verified Immunization Records Required

All children attending schools in Washington state must provide medically verified Immunization Records.  Students who do not receive the required immunizations or provide exemption information will be excluded from school starting on the first day of school.

Click here for a list of all state required immunizations for students in schools in the state of Washington for 2021-2022

Vaccines Given in Washington State

  1. Access the provider-verified certificate on the Washington State Immunization Information System. Once you create an account on Washington MyIR, you will be able to access the certificate at any time.
  2. Ask your clinic or provider to fax or mail the vaccine report to you or to the nurse at your child’s school. You may also pick this up from the provider’s office.
  3. Visit your primary care provider and have them print a copy of your child’s Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS). It must be signed, dated, and submitted to the school nurse.

Vaccines Given Outside of Washington State

  1. Ask your clinic or provider fax or mail the vaccine report to you or to the nurse at your child’s school.
  2. Transfer your child’s immunizations on to a Washington State Certificate of Immunization (CIS). It must be signed and dated and submitted to the school nurse and we request you attach the original vaccine record.

Exempt Status

To request your child to be exempt from any immunization requirement, you must have a completed Certificate of Exemption (COE) form on file, which may be obtained from your child’s school or health care provider.

Students with exempt status will be excluded from school in the event of an outbreak and will remain excluded per Department of Health recommendations. One case constitutes an outbreak for certain illnesses.


Special Information for Kindergarten and 2021-2021

Can I enroll my six year old in Kindergarten?

Yes, if a student did not attend Kindergarten as a five year old, they should enroll this fall for Kindergarten. We encourage students who have not attended Kindergarten to start there. If the parent/guardian feels that the student would be better served by attending first grade, they should schedule time with the building principal to go over their student’s educational background and steps to ensure readiness for first grade.

Why would you not default them to First Grade?

The foundational skills students develop in Kindergarten set them up for academic, social, and behavioral success throughout their educational career and beyond. Attending Kindergarten allows students to build skills quickly, and to start their learning in an environment with peers who are learning the same skills and lessons together. Developmentally, it is better to have students be more socially, emotionally, and academically prepared than to start off behind, and risk failing. Teachers and school staff evaluate Kindergarteners several times through the school year using the WaKIDS assessment. Six year olds who are identified as ready to move to first grade would be contacted by their child’s teacher and school principal to talk about the option of moving them up a grade.

What can I do to help prepare my learner? 

The state Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction has the educational standards for Kindergarten, and links to resources for families who may want to explore developing these for students. External link:  Early Learning Resources from OSPI


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