Renzulli Resources for Highly Capable Students

Renzulli Logo with RenzulliLearning Differentiation in Orange and GreenThe Renzulli suite is now available to all WSD teachers, and offers a set of student and teacher tools that can support meeting the needs of diverse learners, particularly those ahead of grade level.  This tool will offer even more supports for students who are identified as Highly Capable.

The lesson planning and differentiation tool enables teachers to differentiate and disseminate a lesson in as little as 15 minutes. Teachers can customize assignments to their curricular needs as well as share collaboratively with their colleagues. You can create and differentiate your own lessons or use the RLS ready-made assignments, projects, and unit supplements with linked resources.  The Renzulli system has RTI core 1, 2, and 3 guided curriculum, and also offers machine language translation for students from English to other languages as a support for ELL students.

The Renzulli system offers up to 12 hours of built-in training tools, which teachers can access to learn more about this system.  WSD Highly Capable coordinator Kathy Sloop will be providing additional training to groups of staff through the year.  Teachers working with students identified as Highly Capable will use this system as the Student Plan for High Cap, within the students’ profile.  Only students who are identified as Highly Capable should log in.  Teachers should not add students to the Renzulli tool, as this uses up licenses meant for other students.

Where to find the Renzulli System

Click here to access the Renzulli System

All WSD Certified Staff have access to the Renzulli platform, and you can use Single Sign-On (SSO) via Google, meaning you do not need to use a separate username and password for this system.  To log in as a teacher, go to the Renzulli page, and click the “Sign in with Google” button in the upper right corner.

Students in grades K-8, who are already using Clever to log in to the i-Ready testing suite, as well as Amplify curriculum, can use the Sign in with Clever link, or if they already have the Clever App on their iPad, they can find Renzulli in the Clever Dashboard.  The badges that K-3 students use will work for Renzulli, making this super easy and approachable for young learners.

Visit the Renzulli platform

Students at WHS can use the “Sign in with Google” button on the Renzulli page, which will recognize their Chromebook account and log them in quickly.

Visit the Renzulli platform

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