Staff Appreciation

Each Month, Washougal School District staff are recognized for their amazing work supporting the districts vision of Knowing, Nurturing, and Challenging all students to Rise!  The Washougal community is fortunate to have such dedicated people working to find new and creative ways to continue the excellent work of teaching children, especially during the pandemic.

As part of our district’s implementation of a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), we strive to recognize individuals for the work they are doing to contribute to our learning community. Our goal is that each student and adult will get positive feedback regarding how they contribute to our learning community.  Asking staff to recognize each other’s contributions and to express gratitude models these behaviors for students and creates a culture of positive feedback for everyone in our learning community.

Please join us in celebrating the staff for their contributions!

Honoree Know-Nurture-Challenge Accolade
Deborah Mansfield Know Deborah knows most of the students and the families and always greets them with a smile. She fills me in on neat little things to help me get to know more about my students!
Patrick Rice Know & Nurture Patrick takes time out of his day to go to the cafeteria during breakfast and lunch to build or increase his relationships with students. The students enjoy answering the random questions he asks, and they take time to share some stories with him. The students are quite excited when he makes his appearances.
Katherine Baxter Know & Nurture Katherine has a huge heart for kids. She advocates for all of our students, not just those on her caseload. Her flexibility and passion has made it possible for CCMS to bring in small groups of students who need extra support. She gets to know all of the students and works tirelessly to meet their needs. I appreciate you Katherine!
Liz Meyer Challenge Liz has taken on the role of our AVID Site Leader this year at CCMS. Liz is dedicated to Canyon Creek being an AVID school, not just a school where we do AVID. She is planning on leading PD for our staff, while she is also doing an incredible job with teaching her classes remotely. Liz, I appreciate your dedication and leadership!
Heather Kassel Know, Nurture & Challenge Heather goes above and beyond every day to support teachers, staff, and students not just at Cape, but the other schools as well. Teachers know that she can be counted on to support their instruction, technology needs, and sometimes just to lend an ear. Heather is a great teammate and leader!
Cape Para-Educators (Francie, Loretta, Amy & Brandi) Nurture Our paras work tirelessly everyday to support our students who are in the building. They are flexible, patient, and dedicated to supporting these students. We could not be offering the level of services that we currently are without them. They are rock stars!
Brian Amundson Know & Challenge Brian rejoined our Washougal team this year. He accepted the challenge of the principalship for Cape/Canyon. He stepped up to the challenge of building relationships with staff and families. As he presented the CCMS SIP to the board, he showed test scores above the state average. However, Brian is committed to continuously improving. The SIP shows plans to ensure ALL students rise. In his words, “We are not happy with the status quo.” Thank you Brian for your leadership and work to challenge ALL students to rise.

Brian facilitates family meetings and focuses on repairing relationships, while setting a positive tone for everyone in the meeting. Well done Brian!

Honoree Know-Nurture-Challenge Accolade
Penny Porche & Nancy Boon Know, Nurture Penny and Nancy are relentless in their pursuit of making sure students and families are taken care of with the basics of resources. As Family Resource Coordinators they “think outside the box” on a regular basis, but especially during this challenging time of distance learning & COVID-19. I am so thankful to have to such dedicated individuals on the Washougal Team!
Sarah Bollenbaugh Know Sarah is a rock star employee who is always ready to lend a hand, and can tackle any problem with her ability to learn what’s needed and figure out solutions.  She knows the story behind student situations, and uses her vast skillset to help families, students, and the CRGE team be successful!
Tracey MacLachlan Know, Nurture & Challenge Tracey has been a huge support to me this year as I take on the new role of an elementary principal. She is always there when I have a question, idea, or need help. Her experience and knowledge combined with her sense of humor are very much appreciated! Thank you Tracey!

Tracey is an incredible leader and a very caring co-worker.  Her thoughtful gifts, cards, and words help keep our staff feeling supported and nurtured in times of celebration and sorrow.

Honoree Know-Nurture-Challenge Accolade
Margaret Rice Nurture, Challenge I greatly appreciate Margaret for taking on the opportunity, and challenge, of leading our district’s new culinary program. It was been so exciting and encouraging to see our elementary students receive a meal, and experience, that is nutritious and flavorful! Thank you Margaret and Culinary Team for making a difference in our students lives by providing a basic need in a creative and healthy way!
Sheri Cranford Challenge You have taken on a role that has been challenging during an already challenging time. I wanted to tell you again how much you are appreciated for your work ethic, your organization skills and your positive attitude. Cheers to you.

She has been working very hard imputing information for our Culinary program into PrimeroEdge, our nutrition management software.
Jennifer Banks Know Jennifer is an incredible wealth of knowledge, and is proficient in multiple languages.  She is genuinely interested in student and family stories and background, and uses these to build connections that help all Gause families feel KNOWN, welcome and supported.  She’s also an amazing co-worker, a caring person, and a wonderful parent!  We are lucky to have her at our school.
Honoree Know-Nurture-Challenge Accolade
Dakota Marr Know, Nurture I received a phone call from a parent who was eager to share her child’s positive experience in Dakota’s first grade classroom. Dakota reached out to the family to provide guidance and reassurance during distance learning. The parent shared that she never felt like she was navigating the system alone, that Dakota was right with her every step of the way. She shared that Dakota finds out what individual students need and ensures their needs are met. Thank you Dakota for work to know and nurture students.
Wendy Taylor Know, Nurture & Challenge I don’t know what Hathaway would do without Wendy. She keeps us all organized and makes sure that all staff and families have the resources and information they need to be successful in their work each day. She isn’t afraid of a challenge and has quickly learned how to modify our systems for remote learning and she goes above and beyond to help others. Thank you Wendy!

Wendy always goes above and beyond helping whenever she can. She is always patient and kind with everyone. Wendy is always learning new things to better support staff, students and parents. Since the start of the school year, I have seen Wendy jumping in and helping students/parents with many technology issues when the tech team is unavailable.

Wendy is a rockstar and always helpful when we need feedback about proposed ideas and changes. Her can-do attitude and willingness to share her great ideas and process is excellent.

Ann Stevens Know, Nurture & Challenge Ann has been a rockstar providing/serving breakfasts and lunches to our in-person students. She is so organized and patient with the many changes we have made. I truly appreciate how she works with the team and her hard work!
Honoree Know-Nurture-Challenge Accolade
Jennifer Snapp-Hodapp Challenge Jennifer has approached the challenge of conducting a music class via zoom with such energy and commitment. As I was in her virtual classroom recently, it was amazing to see how she inspired the students participate and create a sense of “ensemble”, even though they could not hear the sound that they all created together. She also made sure that as her students were being challenged, she took the time to connect and support each with comments and smiles, and compliments!
Cheryl MacIntyre Nurture Cheryl has been challenging me to push myself in all areas of my work for the last six years. For that, I am truly grateful. Cheryl never gives up on finding ways to support teachers and students. She has taught me to understand, use and find value in data. She has played a significant role in the growth of staff and students at Jemtegaard Middle School.

When I was sick with Covid-19 Cheryl made my family delicious meals and dropped them off on my front door.

David Cooke Know When I was sick, David insisted that I unplug and get the rest I needed to get better. He knew I wouldn’t stop working without a nudge and his support.
Honoree Know-Nurture-Challenge Accolade
AJ LaBree Know, Nurture & Challenge AJ has been welcoming students into the building and his classroom since September. He goes above and beyond to make sure that his students are supported and challenged to succeed.
Britney Ervin Know, Nurture & Challenge Britney has been working with students in building since September and has supported students in a number of ways. She always greets her students with excitement, remains level-headed when challenges arise, and provides excellent opportunities for her students to be engaged and challenged.
Christina Mackey-Greene Nurture Not only does Christina spend a tremendous amount of time contacting students that need interventions, she also spent hours writing students and sending “you are rocking it” emails to students that are doing well. I know a number of students that appreciated being recognized for the work they are doing in this difficult time.
Darcy Habersetzer Know, Nurture & Challenge Darcy is constantly reaching out to her students to support and challenge them. She is willing to go the extra mile to make sure her students are successful and feel connected during these difficult times.
David Williams Know, Nurture & Challenge Dave is always willing to help out his colleagues and his students. He ensures that all students are supported, takes extra care to ensure communications with families are in their preferred language, and reaches out to students and families with positive praise regularly.

He is always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure our students are successful; he will think out of the box, works with other teachers, and seeks help in any way that he can. He is flexible with students but also holds them to high expectations.

Erin VanDaam Challenge You have taken on a whole new role in a time that is already so challenging and you have done it with grace and positivity. You are an asset and you are appreciated more than you will ever know. Thank you so much for being part of the team.
Janelle Hoglan-Stanton Know, Nurture & Challenge Janelle has been balancing in-person and distance learning since September and has continued to think creatively about new ways to support her students. She goes above and beyond to connect with her students and their families and is always going out of her way to ensure her students have everything they need to be successful.
Jerry Adams Know, Nurture & Challenge Jerry consistently goes above and beyond to keep us clean, safe, and healthy. Especially now, he has a huge job with additional responsibilities and requirements yet he is always stepping in to help and with a gracious and joyful heart. He is kind, hard working, and I am lucky to be able to work with him.

Jerry is the WHS day lead custodian. He always says yes and finds a way to make cleaning requests happen.

Jessica Nickels Know, Nurture & Challenge Jessica has gone above and beyond to provide services to the adults in her transition program. Typically a community-based program, she has shifted her entire program to meet the needs of learners in-person and online. She is also an admin intern in the middle of a pandemic and doing a fantastic job!
John Miller Know, Nurture & Challenge John is so amazing at connecting with his students and helping them understand the link between their decisions today and their outcomes in the future. He holds high expectations while meeting his students where they are at… all while remaining cool, calm, and collected when dealing with challenging situations!
Kathy Scobba Nurture & Challenge I just wanted to recognize all your efforts this year while being challenged through new curriculum, getting a yearbook set up in this crazy time, online teaching, taking the lead for PLC, etc. Thank you for all you do to nurture our students and our colleagues.
Kyla Ritchey Nurture Always doing extra, always helping kids. She works over her contracted hours and never complains. She is a true Panther… She loves WHS! You never know how much you appreciate someone until they are out. She is out on maternity leave and trying to fill all that she does is nearly impossible.
Mary Pursley Know, Nurture & Challenge Mary is an incredible TOSA and always put students at the forefront of her decision making. I learn so much from her AND she’s hilarious!
Tim Moore Know, Nurture & Challenge I am so grateful for the creativity and outside-the-box thinking that Tim has done to support his students in person and online this year. He is always willing to go above and beyond for his students and their families.
Honoree Know-Nurture-Challenge Accolade
Shellie Osentowski Nurture Shellie is a fantastic example of nurturing our students. For the Washougal Learning Academy, she takes the time to gather supplemental learning and reading materials, coordinate with families, and even make house calls to ensure that students have everything they need to get a quality education from home. We get many compliments about how pleasant and helpful Shellie is when she visits with families, and she shows how much she cares about our students every day.
Honoree Know-Nurture-Challenge Accolade
Julie Ferguson Nurture Julie uses her role supporting student services to get to know the situations our families may be experiencing.  She builds connections and uses those to make sure our system keeps students and families from falling through the cracks.  She coordinates efforts to support families in need, and has a huge heart for making sure we all take care of each other.
Aaron Hansen Nurture Aaron spent the day serving our team by filling in as the transportation dispatcher due to a staff shortage. He was there to serve, but also to make sure that each of our children were “nurtured” and safely transported to and from school. Thanks!


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