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Purpose of the Guidelines and Best Practices
Americans with Disabilities Act
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
Child Find Responsibilities
Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
Procedural Safeguards Booklet (Word) (available in 8 languages)
Eligibility Categories Overview

Special Education Placement Options

Washougal Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Placement Options
Learning-Integrated Support Program
Intensive-Functional Support Program
Structured Behavioral Support Program

Rules and Regulations

WAC392-172A—Washington Administrative Code Rules for the Provision of Special Education
Washougal School District Policy and Procedures

Special Education Process

Special Education Processes 11x17 Chart
Eligibility Triangle
Overview of the Special Education Process


Intervention Team Forms - Coming soon
Record of General Education Intervention Form - Coming soon
RTI Intervention Documentation Form - Coming soon


Referral Process
Referral Checklist


Adding-Deleting a Service Process
Change of Placement Process
Exiting from Program Process
General Education Teacher Evaluation Input
Initial Evaluation Checklist
Initial Evaluation Process
Re-evaluation Checklist
Revocation of Consent Process
Re-evaluation Process
WJ III Chart Template
WJ III Subtest Descriptions


General Education Teacher
IEP Case Manager
Related Services Personnel
School Psychologist


Case Manager IEP Review Checklist
Continuing IEP Process
Cover Letter—Draft IEP
Cover Letter—Missed IEP Meeting
District IEP Review Form
Excusal from IEP Meetings
Extended School Year (ESY)
IEP Checklist
IEPOnline Component Overview
Initial IEP Process
General Education IEP Input Form
Meeting Agenda Checklist
Parent Participation at IEP Meetings
OSPI IEP Requirements
Signature Page
State Assessment Options Guidelines
Who Must Attend
When Must the IEP Team Meet


Dos and Don’ts Accommodations Guidelines
Choosing Accommodations Worksheet
Student Perspective—Accommodation Survey
Accommodations & Modifications Checklist


Functional Behavioral Assessment
Positive Behavioral Support Plan
Interim Alternative Educational Setting
Suspensions and Alternative to Suspensions
Manifestation Determination


Transition Overview
Appropriate Transition Activities Age 14-16
Transition Plans for Students Beginning at Age 16
Writing Transition Goals & Objectives
Transition from School to Adult Life
High School Diploma-Graduation
Age of Majority


New Student Enrollment-Record Process
Student Transfer Process
Interstate Transfer Special Education Students Guidance Paper
Intrastate Transfer Special Education Students Guidance Paper


Age of Majority Notification and Process --coming soon
Annual Safety Net Process --coming soon
Attaching a Document to IEPOnline
Email Guidelines—Special Services
English Language Learners
Enrolling Early Childhood Students --coming soon
Examples of Prior Written Notices --coming soon
Exchange of Written and Verbal Information Form
Exchange of Written and Verbal Information Process
Homeless Transportation Request Process
IEP & Evaluation Compliance Procedures --coming soon
IEPOnline Requesting Help Process
Interpreter Request Process
New Student Enrollment-Record Process --coming soon
Monthly Count Process
Purchase Orders Process
Special Services Phone Directory
Specialized Transportation Request Process
Time & Effort Reporting Process