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Professional Learning Community Links

"What is a Professional Learning Community?" by Richard Dufour (pdf)

Teaching and Learning Best Practices (pdf)

PLC Early Release Calendar (pdf)


Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

Professional Learning Communities allow staff to work in collaborative teams to continually analyze and improve classroom practice to ultimately impact student learning. Teachers meet weekly before school to dialogue about "best practices" and their implications for student learning.

Professional Learning Communities empower teachers to work together to develop curricular outcomes, assess student achievement, select instructional materials, plan special projects, participate in peer observation and coaching, and pursue professional growth opportunities.

Characteristics of a Professional Learning Community:

Professional Learning Communities Develop Planning Guides

Washougal School District teachers are working on creating Student Learning Guides to help organize their teaching around selected learning targets. Templates and example planning guides are in the grid below by grade. As teachers finish working with their professional learning communities to create their own lessons, they will be posted here to share with other staff and constituents.

    PLC Templates and Example Documents Download as Word or PDF
    High School PLC (Template) Word
    High School PLC (Example) Word
    Sixth - Eighth Grade (Template) Word
    Sixth - Eighth Grade (Example) Word
    Third - Fifth Grade PLC (Template) Word
    Third - Fifth Grade PLC (Example) Word
    Kindergarten - Second Grade PLC (Template) Word
    Kindergarten - Second Grade PLC (Example) Word
  Grade Lesson Name Downloads
  HS-Science Scientific inquiry by designing an experiment. Word / PDF
  6-8 Science/ Math Reading, Interpreting, and Explaining graphs Word / PDF
  4 - Math Fractions and Decimals Word / PDF
  4 - Math Estimate and determine elapsed time using an analog clock Word / PDF
  2 - Writing Using dialogue tags Word / PDF
  2 - Writing How to write a "how-to" paper Word / PDF
  1 - Reading Make and explain a mental image (see example 1, example 2) Word / PDF
  K-2 -Math Charting patterns in numbers (see picture) Word / PDF
  K- Math Ordering numbers from 1 to 10 with manipulatives Word / PDF
  K- Math Number Composition and Decomposition through 5 Word / PDF
  K- Writing Punctuation at the end of a sentence Word / PDF