Transitional Kindergarten

Yellow flower with smiley face and green half circle with blue words Transitional Kindergarten and Washougal School DistrictTransitional Kindergarten, also known as TK, is a no-cost early learning program, primarily for four-year-olds that is designed to help close the opportunity gap for students entering Kindergarten.  TK is available for students who have a demonstrated need, or when the family cannot afford access to a community program.  The TK program provides a high quality learning environment geared to help students build the skills they need to have a great start to Kindergarten.  Students must be four years old by August 31st to participate.

TK classrooms focus on developmentally appropriate skills and social emotional development.  Building these skills helps students make sense of the world around them while self-regulating, following expectations, and learning to work with classmates.

Families with a four-year-old who are interested in the TK program can learn more about the TK program on the OPSI website, or can schedule time to talk with our TK team.  Families ready to sign up can use our form to request an eligibility screening.

The TK program uses the standard school calendar, providing 180 days of service to students.  This time is used to ensure that children and their families are ready for Kindergarten after the child turns 5.

Pre-requisite Requirements for TK (must meet all):

→  Turn 4 years-old by August 31 (students who are 5 years-old on August 31 will enroll in Kindergarten)

→  Reside within the Washougal School District boundary

→  Not otherwise identified for participation in the Head Start and/or ECEAP preschool programs

Qualifying Criteria for TK (must meet at least one):

→  Lack access (financial, availability, or other significant factor) to a licensed pre-school opportunity (opportunity gap)

→  Qualify for free/reduced meals (income gap)

→  Qualify for bilingual education (English language gap)

→  Exhibit lagging social and/or academic skills based on a WSD administered screening (performance gap)

Contact for more information

Betty Gabel, Administrative Assistant, 360-954-3015


Переходный Киндергартен в Вашугале: Новая возможность обучения детей раннего возраста в Школьном Районе Вашугал

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 Переходный Киндергартен в Вашугале:

 Новая возможность обучения детей раннего возраста в Школьном Районе Вашугал

Вашему ребенку исполнится 4 года к 31 августа 2021 года?

Вы проживаете в пределах Школьного Района Вашугал?

У Вас были трудности с оформлением ребенка в детский сад или с его оплатой?

Вы считаете, что Вашему ребенку может потребоваться дополнительная помощь в подготовке к Киндергартен?

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Kindergarten de transición de Washougal: Una nueva opción de aprendizaje temprano en el Distrito Escolar de Washougal con ninos y maestra

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Kindergarten de transición de Washougal:

Una nueva opción de aprendizaje temprano en el Distrito Escolar de Washougal


¿Tendrá su hijo/a 4 años para el 31 de agosto de 2021?

¿Vive usted dentro de los límites del Distrito Escolar de Washougal?

¿Ha tenido dificultades para acceder o pagar el preescolar?

¿Cree que su hijo/a puede necesitar ayuda adicional para prepararse para el kindergarten?


Si es así, puede calificar para nuestro nuevo programa de aprendizaje temprano sin costo alguno.

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Printable program flier in English/Spanish/Russian

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