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Washougal High School Staff

We have removed the e-mail links from this page to prevent spammers from using it to send junk mail to our district staff. If you wish to send mail to a staff person, please compose a new message to the staff members using this formula: firstname.lastname@washougalsd.org.

3101 Aaron Hansen     Principal
3103 Gordon Washburn  Associate Principal
3102 Carol Boyden Associate Principal
3128 Rochelle Aiton Spanish & Math Teacher
3200 Daniele Allen Special Education Teacher
3184 D. Scott Allen  P.E. Teacher
3151 Brian Anderson  Math Teacher
3160 Rob Anderson  Biology Teacher
3112 Pamela Ausman  Special Ed. Teacher
3200 Eric Balholm Para Educator
3186 Mark Ball  P.E./Health Teacher
  Linda Barnes CTE - FACSE Teacher
3111 Cheryl Bastian Food Service
3130 Katie Beaty (Daniels) Math Teacher
3163 James Bennett  Math/Science Teacher
3180 Lisa Bennett Athletic Trainer
3100 Debbie Benson Custodian
  Vina Black English Teacher
3167 Jason Blaesing  Math Teacher
3110 Sharon Bischoff School Nurse
3203 Scott Boothby  P.E. Teacher
3135 Deborah Buchanan  English/History Teacher
3131 Heather Carver   English Teacher
3137 John Carver  English/Journalism Teacher
3149 Ryan Castro Student Resource Officer
3200 Bruce Chilcote Para Educator
3140 Jeff Condon Social Studies Teacher
3104 Doug Cox  Technology Ed. Teacher /Athletic Supervisor
3105 Debbie Curtin  Registrar
3193 Brian Eggleston  Spanish Teacher
3110   School Nurse
3217 Craig Grable  French/P.E. Teacher
3212 Tami Grant  American Sign Language Teacher
3136 Kelly Gregersen  Drama/ASB Teacher
  Cindy Gregory Para Educator
3143 Dave Hajek  History/Psychology Teacher
3111 Sharon House Cafeteria Server
3164 Ryan Isaacson  Social Studies Teacher
3111 Mark Jasper Food Service Director
3169 Ann Jendro  Secretary
3100 Danny Johnson  Custodian
  Milly Johnson Para Educator
  Linda Jones Counselor
3111 "Bo" Keyser Cafeteria Server
3159 Amanda Klackner   ISS & Attendance Support
3107 Mary LaFrance ASB Technician
3100 Dominique Love Night Custodian
3117 Lisa Leonard Career Specialist
3134 Susan Lewallen  German/English Teacher
3207   Special Ed. Teacher
3114 Christina Mackey-Greene Counselor
3190 Jennifer Mahorney  Vocal Music Teacher
3129 Fran McCarty   Library Technician
3123 Hillary Marshall Library/Media Specialist
3125 John Miller Special Ed. Teacher
3161 Linda Miller  Physical Science/Biology Teacher
3118 Teresa Nelson Para Educator - Credit Recovery
3162 Donna Nolan Chemistry Teacher
3175 Donald O'Brien  CTE - Metals Teacher
3100 Janice Ormond   Night Custodian
3100 Tina Palmer Para Educator
3217 Shoko Parker (Fuchigami) Japanese Teacher
3133 Jim Reed  Social Studies Teacher
3115 Kay Ritter  Attendance Secretary
3191 Kelly Ritter  Band Teacher
3125 Gina Rotundo Para Educator
3165 Pauline Rule Science Teacher
3132 Marcee Salas (Nickolas) English Teacher
3177 Barbara Samojedny  Family Consumer Science Teacher
3113 Owen Sanford Counselor
3172 Kathy Scobba (Sturdyvin) Yearbook, & Dig. Photog. Teacher
3155 Sandra Sharp Special Education Teacher
3170 Nicole Simek Business Education Teacher
3127 Julie Scott Psychologist
3111 Nancy Sonneson  Food Server/Cook
3111 Laura Spangenberg Food Service Cashier
3121 Marsha Spencer  VOC Director
3146 Ryan Stief Special Education Teacher
3125 Melissa Tauialo Para Educator
3125 Cynthia Sweet Para Educator
3116 Michael Taylor  Campus Security
3150 Trudy Tkach Math Teacher
3178 Raymond Tufts  CTE - Woods Teacher
3206 Becky Vredenberg Tech Support Assistant
3177 Mary Walker  Family Consumer Science Teacher
3100 Tina Walling  Night Custodian
3181 Wareham, Michael English Teacher
3100 Angela Watts Para Educator
3119 Sharon Watts  Career Guidance Technician
3200 Lori Webb Para Educator
3152 Rachel Webb P.E. Teacher
3126 Karen Wildenberg  Counseling Secretary
3142 Karen Wysaske  Math Teacher
3194 Robert Yee Art Teacher
3106 Misty Young   Athletic Secretary


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