Student Clubs

We believe…

The Washougal School District strives to provide opportunities through a well-balanced activities program. Our philosophy is to develop the whole student and facilitate better understanding of himself/herself.

  1. Activities are an integral part of the Washougal High School experience.
  2. Participating in activities should be a part of the education of all students and the district acknowledges its obligation in providing such opportunities.
  3. Participation in activities helps teach the values of cooperation and the spirit of healthy competition.
  4. Student participation in school life and recognizing personal achievement are benefits of a diverse activities program.
  5. Improving self-esteem through participation in activities is demonstrated by:
  • Commitment to developing personal and group goals.
  • Commitment to work ethic as a path to success and personal fulfillment
  • Promoting independence, and self-discipline.
  • Putting winning and losing in a healthy perspective.

WHS Student Club Opportunities…contact the Advisor listed if interested or for more info:

  • ASL Club – American Sign Language – Tami Grant (Room 319)
  • Art Club – Robert Yee (Room 190)
  • Black Student Union – Charlotte Lartey (Rm 194)
  • Drama Productions – Kelly Gregersen (Room 275)
  • Friends of the Library – Fran McCarty (Library)
  • FBLA –Future Business Leaders of America – Kathy Scobba & Nicole Simek (Room 286)
  • GSA Club – Gay – Straight Alliance – Janet Grove (Room 135)
  • HOSA – A Health Occupations Student Leadership Organization – Charlotte Lartey (Rm 194)
  • Interact Club – A Community Service Club – Margaret McCarthy (Excelsior Building)
  • International Club – Vina Black (Room 318)
  • Knowledge Bowl – Pam Crockford (Room 151)
  • National Honor Society – Jay Bennett (Room 173)
  • Red Cross Club – Linda Miller (Room 169)
  • Robotics Club – Aaron Hansen (Career Center)
  • Science Olympiad – Brittany Guest (Room 167)
  • SkillsUSA (Culinary) – A Student Leadership Organization – Brenda Hitchins (Room 197)
  • SkillsUSA (Metals) – A Student Leadership Organization – Don O’Brien (Metals Shop)
  • SkillsUSA (Woods) – A Student Leadership Organization – Brent Mansell (Woodshop)
  • Spanish Club – Rochelle Aiton (Room 317)
  • Wild Panther Reading Club – Hillary Marshall (Library)

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