A draft copy of the Washougal School District 2024-2025 budget is available for community members to review.  The Washougal School District board of Directors will meet for a regularly scheduled board meeting on August 27, which will include a budget hearing to approve the budget.

Copies of the budget are also available for review at the WSD District Office, 4855 Evergreen Way.

These links provide the following draft budget documents:

  1. WSD 2024-25 F195 and F195F (entire draft budget document as submitted to OSPI)
  2. WSD 2024-25 Budget Four-Year Fund Summary draft for the 2024-25 school year budget plus the 2025-26 through the 2027-28 forecasted budget summary outlined by fund.  The forecasted budget is based on information known at this time and may change based on future legislative changes or enrollment adjustments that would impact the district’s overall budget.
  3. WAC 392-123-054 which governs the budget adoption process for school districts, including providing information to community members about the budget process and how to provide feedback on the budget as it is developed and adopted.