The safety of all our students is our top priority!

Arrival to School:

By Bus: Students who arrive by bus will be dropped off at the bussing circle, which is located on the lower level in front of the CRGE Commons/Cafeteria area.

Students will walk inside the building and either be directed to the gym or to the cafeteria to have breakfast. Breakfast is served for CRGE students from approx. 8:50-9:05 AM each day. Students entering the gym will go to their assigned room number to wait for their teacher.

By Car: Students who arrive by car will be dropped off at the CRGE entrance or please park your car and escort your student into the building. Students will enter the building and go downstairs either to the gym to wait for their teacher to pick them up, or into the CRGE Commons for breakfast. Students may arrive no earlier than 8:50am on regularly scheduled school days. We do not provide supervision of students before this time.

Dismissal from School:

By Bus: Students will be escorted by their teacher/support staff to bus circle area and put on the appropriate numbered bus each day. Designated staff with radios will assist in communicating with the school office if necessary.

By Car: If you are picking up your student by car, you must park your car in a parking space and come in to sign them out. Students will be dropped off in the office area by their teacher/support staff if they are being picked up by car.

Proper identification needs to be shown in order for our staff to release your student.

*Thank you in advance for your patience. Please note that these procedures may be modified and adjusted based on the needs of our students and all parents will be notified via email and/or automated phone call. Please feel free to contact the school office at 360.954.3900 if you have any questions.