Name Title
Dr. Mary Templeton Superintendent
Cyndi Barbur Payroll Technician
Les Brown Director of Communication and Technology
Sheri Cranford Culinary Services Office Manager
Johnattan Curiel Culinary Services Chef
Julie Ferguson Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Student Services
Betty Gabel Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent
Kimberly Goodrich Accounting Manager
Kris Grindy Business Services Director
Justine Hanrahan Communications Manager
Barbara Houser Payroll and Absence Assistant
Aaron Hansen Assistant Superintendent (Human Resources and Student Services)
Kori Kelly Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
Chiska Leigh Student Information System Coordinator
Tracey MacLachlan Director of Teaching & Learning
Jodi Magdaleno Accounting Manager
Connor McCroskey Director of Special Education
Cindie Persons Human Resources Specialist for Certified Staff
Sandra Renner Spanish Speaking Family Liaison Coordinator
Rhonda Sherman Human Resources Technician for Classified Staff
Kathy Sloop Highly Capable Program Coordinator
Karen Streeter Administrative Assistant for Special Services
Name Title
Carly Hack Community Education and Preschool Coordinator
Leslie DeShazer Early Learning TOSA

To reach the Maintenance department, please dial 360-954-3010.

Name Title
Jessica Beehner Maintenance Supervisor
Debra Kelly Custodial and Warehouse Supervisor
Jerry Adams Maintenance
Narren Anderson Warehouse
Wade Bork Grounds
Rob Dinnel Grounds & Maintenance
Shaun Humes Maintenance
Al Seaman Maintenance
Name Title Extension
Les Brown
Director of Communications and Technology
District Office Ext. 3037
Linda Henderson
Technical Support Specialist
Cape & Canyon Creek Ext. 3671
Hathaway Ext. 3823
Mathew Hutton Technology Supervisor WHS Ext. 3213
Brian Peck  Technical Support Specialist  WHS Ext. 3206
Jeff Tan
Technical Support Specialist
Jemtegaard Ext 3408

NOTE: Many Bus Drivers do not check e-mail. To contact them, please call the Washougal Transportation Office at 360-954-3030.

Name Title
David Tsao Transportation Supervisor
Sandra Alcantara Bus Driver
Connie Allred Bus Driver
Charles Asher Mechanic
Angela Austin Bus Driver
Anna Barnett Bus Driver
Rachael Bentley Bus Driver
Amber Blackwell Bus Driver
Robert Boley Bus Driver
Patty Casteel Bus Driver
Michael Davies Bus Driver
Charlene Dawson Bus Driver
Adele Erickson Bus Driver
Kari Ewing Bus Driver
Gene Kunz Bus Driver
Blaine Kuskie Bus Driver
Denise Lape Bus Driver
Jack Lape Mechanic
Christina Levy Dispatcher/Secretary
Jennifer Merryfield Bus Driver
Jesse Miller Bus Driver
Julie Moody Bus Driver
Joanne Perry Bus Driver
Brinton Porter Dispatcher/Secretary
Randi Prince Bus Driver
Daniel Sanders Mechanic Helper
Rhonda Stranz Bus Driver
Kevin Taylor Bus Driver
Erin VanDaam Bus Driver
Bell Warren Bus Driver
Lindsay Widmer Bus Driver
Kimberly Williams Bus Driver
Jerry Wilson Bus Driver
Carissa Yancey Bus Driver
Kerry Yockey Dispatcher/Secretary

We have removed the e-mail links from this page to prevent spammers from using it to send junk mail to our district staff.

If you wish to send mail to a staff person, please compose a new message to the staff members name using this formula: where “first” is their First name, and “last” is their last name.