2023-24 Gause Elementary Yearbook information:

Get Your Gause 2023-2024 Yearbook! We are using Treering for our yearbooks for 2023-2024 school year.
With Treering, you can already order a yearbook for the current school year!
You can also upload photos, sign yearbooks and create your own personal pages!!

Just follow the link or QR code to sign up.

QR code for the Gause Yearbook 2023-24. Scan with a mobile camera to get to the website to create content and order a yearbook.

Anna Todd and Perri Prince are the Boosters in charge of organizing the 2023-24 Gause Yearbook. With Tree Ring you can upload photos that we can use in the yearbook as well as make personal pages. If you would like to purchase one with personal pages they have to be done by 5/1/24 and we are asking all photos to be submitted by 5/10/24. With Tree Ring you can buy books to donate, and request soft or hard bound books. The soft bound cost $13.24 and Hardbound cost $20.89.

Any questions please reach out to Gause Boosters at gause.boosters@washougalsd.org

Book Exchange Program:
Gause Boosters spent $1,500.00 in Scholastic dollars replacing lost & damaged books in the Gause Library collection. In addition, student fines were updated in Qmlativ. Thank you for replacing & adding new books to our Gause Library collection!

Photograph of 3 adults, 4 students, and a book cart full of new books for the library.Pictured left to right:
Kelli Eldridge, Gause Booster President, Nora Persons (5th grade), Perri Prince, Gause Library Media Instructor, Ema Sunada (2nd grade), Dr. Mary Templeton, Superintendent, Avery Williams (Kindergarten) & Jack Masters (3rd grade)

Mileage Club: Thursdays our students have the opportunity to get in those miles during recess. Volunteers are needed to make this happen. Mileage Club takes place every Thursday, weather permitting. If you are available to volunteer please contact us at gause.boosters@washougalsd.org.

Interested in volunteering: Volunteer Orientation was held on Friday, February 3rd, 2023 from 10:00 – 11:00 in the library. The intent of this orientation was to go over important information that volunteers need to know when volunteering at Gause; such as confidentiality, discipline, checking in and out, etc. Complete the Volunteer Background Check process and submit to the Washougal School District office.

Contact the Gause Boosters:
Email address is gause.boosters@washougalsd.org
Mailing address:  Gause Boosters, PO Box 122, Washougal WA 98671