October is National Principals Month, an opportunity to recognize school principals for their significant impact on the success and well-being of our nation’s students.  We honor our Washougal principals by highlighting specific projects or work going on in their school that they are proud of.

Wendy Morrill, principal of Hathaway Elementary School is very excited about the addition of our two Dual Language kindergarten classrooms and our two Transitional kindergarten classrooms.  “Both programs enrich our Hathaway Community but also provide wonderful resources for both our students and families,” she explained.

Both native English and native Spanish speakers participate in the Dual Language Kindergarten classrooms.  “Our program promotes high academic achievement for all students and helps to close the achievement gap,” explained Morrill. “Students can achieve true bilingualism and biliteracy and it promotes cultural diversity and mutual respect among students and their families.”

Transitional Kindergarten, also known as TK, is a no-cost early learning program, primarily for four-year-olds that is designed to help close the opportunity gap for students entering Kindergarten. “Our TK program is there for students who have a demonstrated need, or when the family cannot afford access to a community program,” she said.  “We are proud of the high-quality learning environment the program provides and how it is geared to help students build the skills they need to have a great start to Kindergarten.”

Additionally, she is proud of the Hathaway staff. “We are coming up with creative ways to bring fun school activities to students despite the pandemic,” she explained. “For instance, we are planning a fall field trip experience for our Kindergarteners on site. We want our students to have as many memorable, enriching experiences as possible.”