What is Washougal Learning Academy?

The Washougal Learning Academy (WLA) is a K-8 online option for Washougal students and families looking for a flexible, tailored educational experience that supports students in their experience online. Students enrolled in the WLA will have dedicated time each week to meet with a Washougal certified teacher and establish learning goals, and work with teacher support through an award winning curriculum online.

The WLA provides enrolled students with an internet-capable device and materials for activities. They also have consulting and academic support, periodic class meetings, and opportunities to engage with peers. Learning modules for all subject areas are included in this great option.

Washougal Learning Academy is open to all students of the Washougal School District, and enrollment from other districts as well, and features:

  • One-on-one teacher support and monthly progress updates
  • Students enrolled at WLA enjoy the same access to sports, clubs, activities, library services, and more, as all other WSD students. No need to worry about missing out on some of the best parts of learning and growing up!
  • Part-time enrollment available, so students can mix at-home and classroom learning as desired
  • Optional electives to support a broad range of student interests
  • Digital and paper curriculum options, as well as online and in-person elective options

Please continue visiting our website for more information, and contact Principal Tami Culp (tami.culp@washougalsd.org) for general or enrollment questions.

What WLA families are saying

“We have recently moved into the Washougal School District and WLA has been a great way to start! We have enjoyed the flexibility and structure that the curriculum provides while working closely with a teacher. My son has also been able to access extra reading support services and have one on one help in the week which has already made such a difference.”

Britni, Parent

“I like WLA because of my teacher and also how she responds to me and my questions so quickly. I also really like when you are able to start class not as early in the morning and you can take as much time as you need for each subject.”

Stella, WLA Student

“WLA has been great for my 3 boys they have been able to use this time to come up with many creative ways to learn and i love that we can do things on our schedule that works for our family. The one on one personal accountability and teacher interaction weekly is great for them knowing exactly what’s expected of them each week. Thank you for this great option this year.”

Angela, Parent

“I like home school and I think Edgunity is a really good program. I really like the videos and how I’m learning about new things every day. I like our mascot and the different teachers that teach on Zoom. I really enjoy my weekly check in meeting with Ms. Woodings. She is a good teacher and always makes me laugh. I am enjoying how the program is set up and I am really happy I choose WLA.”

Evelynn, WLA Student

“We are so thankful for WLA. We were nervous with the thought of switching our daughter to distance learning and felt very overwhelmed to start. Our concern as parents was to ensure we were giving our child the best education we could possibly give her. We were lost in which direction to go and we were hesitant if Washougal Learning Academy was the right decision. The hesitation was quickly replaced with a sense of relief and that is all in thanks to the wonderful staff. If there were ever any obstacles or changes we needed made, the school staff would go above and beyond to make sure our student got exactly the curriculum she needed. We have had such a great year and experience with WLA. Our daughter has excelled with her academics and the program has regained her interest in learning.”

Alex & Sarah, Parents