WLA is excited about introducing both virtual and in-person enrichment activities this year. Information for current activities is available here, including the location or Zoom link. Check the calendar page for specific dates.

Writing Workshops

The purpose of these workshops is to ensure that students are receiving necessary skills and assistance with the different types of writing prior to the spring assessments. These workshops will be mandatory* for all students in grades 3-8.

*Students who believe they do not need to attend the workshop will be given the opportunity to submit the writing task to the teacher prior to the workshop so the WLA teacher can evaluate the students’ capability of the writing task. If the teacher determines the student has met the standards for the writing task, that student will be excused from attending the workshop. If the WLA teacher determines the student has not met the standard, then the student will still be expected to attend the the workshop and try again.

The three types of writing are narrative, persuasive, and expository (or informative).

Mr. Foster will be facilitating the workshops for grades 5-8 while Ms. Woodings and/or Mrs. Genova will facilitate the workshops for grades 3-4.

The prompts and grading rubrics will be available prior to the workshop for specific students who request to “challenge” the need to attend the workshop. The writing submission should be turned in no later than three days prior to the workshop for grading.

Students will attend one of the days provided – they are not required to attend both days!