Mr. Healea in front of some foliage

Jake Healea, Principal

I am honored and humbled to be part of the Washougal School District and Canyon Creek Middle School. I am excited to serve in such a great community of students, families, and staff members. I firmly believe in the CCMS vision of fostering strong relationships, personalized learning, and equitable opportunities to ensure learning without limits.

There are three key elements that I believe are necessary for a successful school:


  • Clarity includes clear expectations and boundaries, transparent communication, and explicit steps for how to succeed.


  • Consistency promotes predictability, it fosters feelings of safety within which to learn, it includes the frequent feedback necessary for growth and the alignment of classes and content to create coherence for everyone.


  • Community requires collaboration and relationships that promote trust. It is a prerequisite to learning and intrinsically necessary for schools to succeed.

That last principle is the most important because relationships are the bedrock of education. Without strong relationships, clarity and consistency have less impact. I know that the wonderful staff and teachers at CCMS share this belief in positive relationships as a foundation for success at school. Together we all look forward to partnering with you and your students to make great things happen this school year.