The Washougal High School On-Track Program is based out of the new Excelsior building and is designed to meet the various learning needs of Washougal High School students. The program’s goal is to work with credit deficient juniors and seniors to develop personalized pathways to graduation and post high school career plans.

Personalized pathways will be based on each student’s interests, needs, and previous knowledge. Every student has a dedicated educational coach who knows them personally, supports them in setting and reaching their academic and post-secondary goals.  The students will work closely with their coach to be successful in their core senior academic classes, recovering credit, as well as build college and career ready skills.  

Students will engage in hands-on and cross curriculum learning tasks that require them to collaborate with others, think critically, problem-solve, and manage their progress. Students will also learn through individual projects the skills they can use to be successful in their post high school career plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the schedule look like for an On-track program student?

A: They would typically have Senior English, CWP, and two elective classes in periods 1-4. Periods 5-7 will be at the Excelsior building specifically working on elements of their personalized pathway.

Q:  Can you give me an example of what a personalized pathway might look like?

A: Personalized pathways will differ for each student, but an example might look like this below.

Example One:

Student is credit deficient in Math, Science, Social studies, and English.

Student is interested in automotive (cars) and plans on being a mechanic after high school.

Typical Schedule:

Period 1: CWP

Period 2: Senior English

Period 3: Applied Math

Period 4: Small Engines II

Period 5: On-Track

Period 6: Pride Time 

Period 7: On-Track

On-track would focus on recovering the deficient credits by mini units and projects on standards required for credit. These units will be aligned to their academic needs and connected to their post high school plans.