The goal of the Special Education Department is to provide an Individualized Educational Program for each student, and to focus on intensive general education.

Washougal Adult Transition Program 

Staff List:

AJ LaBree, Special Education Teacher

Bruce Chilcote, Para-Educator

Jennifer Cooper, Para-Educator

LaDonna Davis, Para-Educator

Tiffaney Forney, Para-Educator

Amy Greenberg, Para-Educator

Cindy Gregory, Special Education Teacher

Lin Guiles, Para-Educator

Darcy Habersetzer, Special Education Teacher

Kenneth Kulk, Special Education Teacher

Loretta Layton, Para-Educator

Kathleen Marty, Para-Educator

Elizabeth Stockton, Para-Educator

John Miller, Special Education Teacher

Tim Moore, Special Education Teacher

Jessica Nickels, Special Education Teachers

Penelope Porche, Para-Educator

Rhonda Rhabus, Para-Educator

Elizabeth Stockton, Para-Educator

Melissa Tauialo, Para-educator

Angela Watts, Para-educator

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