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Cape Horn-Skye Student/Parent Handbook

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For schedule information, please log in to QMLATIV Family Access.

In case of inclement weather, please refer to this document for snow route information. The district will send notices via robo-call, email, and/or ParentSquare (please check your ParentSquare notification settings) when snow routes are in effect. 2023-24 MASTER SNOW ROUTES

To request a bus pass or pick-up note, please call the office at (360) 954-3600, Option 2, and leave a detailed message including your student’s name, teacher, assigned bus number, and requested stop*. For pick-up, please include expected pick up time, and the name of who will be picking up your student. You can also email us at Please note that we cannot guarantee your message will be received after 1:30 for the same day. We recommend that you speak directly to one of the secretaries at (360) 954-3600 if you must make transportation changes within the last hour of the school day.

*Bus Pass Information:
We have had a number of parents and students ask about students riding buses other than their own (e.g. ride to a friend’s house). Unfortunately, we are still not able to allow such bus passes due to capacity. This is the guidance that we have received from our transportation department:

  • Students who live in a split household with a parenting plan on file may be assigned to two different buses. (Please contact the office or send a calendar to help us differentiate when to send your student to which household.)
  • Students with established regular childcare within the school’s assigned bus routes may be assigned to a bus other than their “home” bus. You must give the office 2 business days notice to request stop changes in order for the office to coordinate with Transportation. Transportation has the authority to approve or deny such requests.
  • Primarily for the purpose of childcare, bus passes are allowed if the requested stop is along the student’s assigned route.

Thank you for your understanding. Specific questions can be directed to the transportation department.

Bus Discipline

Booster & Volunteer Forms

  • Volunteer Background Check Application. Please read instructions and requirements carefully. Background checks are required for all volunteers and are good for 2 years. Please bring a valid driver’s license, state ID, or government ID with you when you submit your application to the school’s office or directly to the district office. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for processing.