Qmlativ Family Access

Our Skyward Student Information System is up and ready for the new school year. WSD moved to the new Qmlativ student information system in late July.  Qmlativ is the next version of the Skyward software, and we’ve migrated all of your family and student data to this new system.

Student Enrollment

New Student Online Enrollment is available on our district website. School offices reopen August 22. If your student has previously attended a Washougal School and is returning to the district, please email chiska.leigh@washougalsd.org as you do not need to complete an online enrollment application to re-enroll your student.

Boundary Requests

Choice Transfer requests (reside in Washougal School district boundary but wish to attend a school in a different district) can be submitted online at https://eds.ospi.k12.wa.us/ChoiceTransferRequest/.
Requests for an In District Boundary Exception (from one Washougal school to another) will reopen on our website under the Family tab the week of August 7. Please note, as a reminder “Transportation for students on an approved boundary transfer is the responsibility of the guardian,” in alignment with Board Policy 3131.

About Qmlativ (the next version of Skyward)

Qmlativ Family Access gives parents and guardians access to a variety of student information, including: Attendance, Discipline, Student and Family Demographics, Grading, Food Service Payments and Purchases

In some cases, you will not see discipline, classroom assignments, or classroom messages. Not all Family Access features will be implemented in each school.

Getting your Login Code
For security reasons, please contact your student’s school to get your user name and password to access Skyward Family Access. You can also set a password for your Qmlativ account by using the “Forgot your username or password” link on the Family Access sign in page, as long as you know which email you used to set up your Qmlativ account.

If you had an account last year, your username and password are the same for Qmlativ as they were for Skyward Family Access.
Students will use the “Sign in with Google” button on the Qmlativ login screen, using their school email. 

For Parents:  Getting Started

Download the Skyward App on your phone to have the most up-to-date access to grades, health info, and more! Use these directions to update the Skyward app so it connects to Qmlativ: Connect to Qmlativ in the Skyward App

Online Payments for School Lunches

WSD Parents can make payments online for school lunch from home or work with a credit or debit card. Student lunches will be charged to the account, and parents can monitor the account balance from home or work. To get started, parents log into the Family Access site and follow the Food Service Credit Card Payment directions for using eFunds.

Progress Reports for Students

Your child’s teacher will prepare a progress report or report card for your student, and you can find them in  Skyward’s Family Access.

You’ll receive progress reports in February after the end of first semester, and in June at the end of the year.

For K-5 Progress Reports, Our progress reports use standards based grading, a system of measuring student progress against an expected level of growth over the course of the year. We use grade marks from 1 to 4, where 1 is significantly below standard, 2 is beginning to progress toward standard, 3 is steadily progressing toward standard, and 4 is meets or exceeds standard.   In addition to the progress in core content like reading, writing, math, science and social studies, you’ll find progress for our specialist taught courses, which include art, library, music and physical education. If a standard hasn’t been introduced yet, a * will be listed for that area.

How to get your student’s progress report

  • Log into Family Access, and click Portfolio in the left sidebar, then select the progress report you want to view.
  • If you have not ever looked at progress reports, you can find a step-by-step guide attached.
  • If you need help logging into Skyward Family Access, please contact the school office, and we can provide support and help you get logged in.
  • If your family does not have access to download the progress report, please contact the office, and we can send you a paper copy.

Translation in Qmlativ

Change it to your preferred language by enabling browser support for translation

¡NUEVO Opción de traducción en Qmlativ: cámbiela a su idioma preferido!

Students and guardians can use built-in or add-on translation features of their preferred browser to translate Family Access into other languages. For more information on these browser features, please refer to the articles below: