Staff Directory

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Sheree Clark – Principal
(Supporting Students H – O)
Mark Castle – Associate Principal (Supporting Students P – Z, Freshman Academy & Excelsior)
Michelle Massar – Associate Principal (Supporting Students A – G)
Gary McGarvie – Associate Principal (Athletics & Activities)
Margaret Rice – CTE Director
Teresa Nelson – Attendance Secretary
Shannon Calderone – Attendance Secretary
Deana DeGrande – Registrar
Melissa Tauialo – Counseling
Amanda Klackner – District Attendance Coordinator
Fran McCarty – Library Assistant
Betty Millington – Educational Tech
Brian Peck – Computer Tech
Penelope Porche – Special Ed Tech
Brenda Watson – Excelsior Secretary
Sharon Watts – CTE Assistant
Misty Young – ASB & Extracuricular Technician
Melissa Walker – (A – G)
Linda Jones – (H – O)
Michele Mederos – Freshman Academy/Excelsior On-Track
Renee Sheldon – SeaMar Counselor
Tera Yano – SeaMar Counselor
Tatiana NguyenStudent Assistance Professional
Special Education/Support Services:
Darcy Habersetzer – Special Education
AJ LaBree – Special Education
Janelle Hoglan-Stanton – Special Education
Britney Knotts – Special Education
John Miller – Special Education
Tim Moore – Special Education
Jessica Nickels – Special Education
David Williams – Special Education
Martin McCauley – Nurse
Julie Scott – Special Services Psychologist
Chung Savoie – ELL
Mary Pursley – TOSA/SPED
Specialized Technicians:
Lisa Leonard – Career Specialist
Hillary Marshall – Library/ Media Specialist
SPED Support Staff:
Arturo Austin-Garza
Randy Austin
Bruce Chilcote
LaDonna Davis
Tiffaney Forney
Tim Goss
Lin Guiles
Chelli Larzalere
Betty Millington
Rhonda Nester
Rhonda Rabus
Cindy Schroeder
Barb Seaman
Michael Steward
Kristi Strickland
Jared Anderson – PM
Michael Asbjornsen – PM
Jerald Adams – AM
Janice Ormond – PM
Sandra Pruitt – PM
Janis Ormond – PM
Mike Taylor
Cynthia Sweet
Food Service:
Marchand Lewis
Gabriela Macias
Lindsey Radcliff
Nancy Sonneson
Pam Spangenberg
Lori Taylor


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