Staff Directory

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Aaron Hansen – Principal
Sheree Clark – Associate Principal (Supporting Students A – G)
Gary McGarvie – Associate Principal (Supporting Students P – Z, Athletics & Activities)
Mark Castle – Associate Principal (Supporting Students H – O & Excelsior)
Margaret Rice – CTE Director
Shannon Calderone – Attendance Secretary
Debbie Curtin – Registrar
Deana DeGrande – Counseling
Amanda Klackner – Administrative Secretary
Mary LaFrance – ASB Technician
Betty Millington – Educational Technician
Teresa Nelson- Attendance Secretary
Penelope Porche – Special Education Technician
Brenda Watson – Excelsior
Misty Young – Athletic Secretary
Melissa Walker – A – G
Linda Jones – H – O
Brody Faler – P – Z
Tamara Crites – Prevention/Intervention
Michele Mederos – Excelsior Programs
Renee Sheldon – Community Services Northwest
Tera Yano – SeaMar Counselor
Special Education/Support Services:
Darcy Habersetzer – Special Education
AJ LaBree – Special Education
Janelle Hoglan-Stanton – Special Education
Britney Knotts – Special Education
Martin McCauley – Nurse (Wed. – Friday)
John Miller – Special Education
Tim Moore – Special Education
Jessica Nickels – Special Education
Mary Pursley – Special Education/Life Skills
Chung Savoie – ELL
Julie Scott – Special Services Psychologist

Fine Arts:

Jeremy Totten
Physical Education:
Areli Lopez Lopez
Marcee Salas
Specialized Technicians:
Lisa Leonard – Career Specialist
Hillary Marshall – Library/ Media Specialist
Support Staff:
Bruce Chilcote – Special Education
LaDonna Davis – Special Education
Fran McCarty – Library Assistant
Lin Guiles – Special Education
Tiffany Forney – Special Education
Rhonda Rabus – Special Education
Cindy Schroeder – Special Education
Melissa Tauialo – Special Education
Angela Watts – Special Education
Barb Seaman – Special Education
Elizabeth Stockton – Special Education
Theresa Albano – Special Education
Arturo Austin-Garza – Special Education
Randy Austin – Special Education
Della Baisden – Special Education
Rhonda Nexter – Special Education
Michael Steward – Special Education
John Goza – AM
Sandra Pruitt – PM
Jerald Adams – PM
Michael Asbjornsen – PM
Janis Ormond – PM
Louise Raynor – PM
Mike Taylor
Cynthia Sweet
Food Service:
Angela Franke
Virginia Keyser
Sharon House
Nancy Sonneson
Laura Spangenberg

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