Associated Student Bodies (ASB) Groups are formed when students in a school collectively engage in fund-raising activities with the approval of the school district.  ASB groups are formal organizations with a constitution and bylaws that govern their operation.  ASB groups can sponsor educational, recreational, or cultural growth opportunities as extra curricular or co-curricular activities.  WSD Board Policy 3510 outlines the relationship between the Washougal School District and the ASB groups in our schools.  WSD Board Policy 6020 establishes the fiscal ASB Fund, where funds raised are safeguarded and controlled by the school board.

Athletic Participation Report – RCW 28A.325.10 and 28A.325.050 Compliance

Washougal High School publishes athletic participation data in a report that provides a set of information about athletic and ASB fees, and participation rates by group including students who participate in the National School Lunch Program.  Students and families who are unable to pay ASB and athletic registration fees should contact the ASB office at their school, and the staff will support them in reducing or waiving sports fees.  Funding for reduced or waived fees is provided by generous support from the Camas-Washougal Community Chest and other generous community donations.

ASB Participation Report 2022-2023
ASB Participation Report 2021-2022
ASB Participation Report 2020-2021
ASB Participation Report 2018-2020

ASB Budget Reports for 2SSB 6062 Compliance (at least last 5 years, law enacted 2012)