At the September 13, 2022 school board meeting, the school board identified three goal areas for this school year from the newly revised Strategic Plan 2025. During the mid-point check-in process that wrapped up last spring, the board identified clear measurements for progress that are shared with the community in the strategic plan, and will focus on three goal areas this year. The measurements will track the district’s progress over the remaining three years of the strategic plan as our staff work to know, nurture, and challenge every student to rise.  

In the Effective Instruction pillar, the board noted that providing high quality instruction in every classroom is essential.  The district has partnered with Solution Tree to lead teacher training around collective efficacy and teacher collaboration.  Each Wednesday, students are released early to provide teachers with time to meet in Professional Learning Communities, where teachers collaborate with each other to improve student learning. The training being provided ensures that this investment of time produces great results for every student. 

Within the College & Career pillar, the board noted the importance of hands-on learning and providing the learning opportunities and job-readiness skills students need to be successful after high school, whether in skilled trades, college, military service or professional careers. Students will take coursework that aligns with their pathway with a focus on developing employability skills of grit, determination, teamwork, communication and a willingness to work hard to achieve success.

The final goal is the Educational Engagement pillar, with a need to market the district’s programs to students and the community.  The board discussed the value of extracurricular programs that foster connections between students and caring adults who serve as coaches and advisors.  Board members also discussed a goal of seeing every student engaged with an opportunity beyond school, whether in sports, clubs, service organizations or faith communities.  The board sees this as an opportunity to grow the partnership between the district and youth-serving organizations, which can foster student contributions to the community.