Our Vision

Washougal knows, nurtures, and challenges all students to rise!


WSD Strategic Plan 2025

This document represents a comprehensive strategic planning process that began in November 2018, and includes input from Washougal School District community, parents, students and staff. These stakeholder groups met in person and online to share ideas which were distilled by a steering committee representing all of these groups. This culminated in a shared vision and goals to be adopted by the Washougal School Board. The board invited community input during our mid-point check-in process at the start of 2022, and has adopted a revised Strategic Plan 2025, with a focus on clear metrics for our progress and shared work.

Strategic Plan
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Six pillars guiding the work to see Washougal become one of the top performing districts in the state:

GOAL: We will invest in attracting, retaining and developing excellent teachers and staff. We will provide relevant, rigorous and supportive instruction with high expectations for all students.


  • Identify and seek effective supports for each child (Highly Capable, Special Needs, English Language Learners)
  • Elevate student expectations and encourage higher community aspirations


  • Develop and use multi-tiered systems of support
  • Implement differentiation and scaffolding
  • Model and encourage a growth mindset
  • Develop and use Social-Emotional Learning curriculum


  • Encourage students to enroll in AP coursework and provide supports to ensure they are successful
  • Offer industry certifications
  • Increase student engagement by using modern and innovative teaching methods

GOAL: We will prepare students to contribute to the community they live in, whether in skilled trades, higher education, or professional careers.


  • Develop an articulated High School and Beyond Plan for all students
  • Create a personalized pathway for every student
  • Provide opportunities for students to explore future interests


  • Utilize community members with training and experience to provide mentorships and apprenticeships


  • Utilize projects and assignments that allow students to communicate and demonstrate knowledge

Gold scale balance with rays shooting upGOAL: We will engage in intentional efforts to identify disparities that create opportunity gaps, and take action to eliminate the achievement gap. We will develop and strengthen students’ agency, so they are prepared for careers, college and life.


  • Identify students from marginalized groups
  • Learn the many assets and strengths of families, students, and their respective communities


  • Develop culturally responsive practices
  • Ensure inclusive environments that value contributions from all groups
  • Utilize trauma-informed pedagogy
  • Provide staff and students space to develop agency, and shift ownership of learning from teachers to students


  • Disrupt systems that perpetuate institutional biases and oppressive practices
  • Hire a diverse workforce that reflects the students we serve
  • Create a process to ensure equity is at the center of all decision-making

GOAL: We will ensure all students are involved in innovative, artistic, creative, vocational, and intellectual pursuits, so they develop confidence, understanding, and agency in the classroom and beyond.


  • Empower students to put forth the effort to find academic, social, and emotional success
  • Capitalize on student strengths, interests, and experiences and celebrate different ways to apply learning
  • Develop each student’s understanding of their identity as a learner


  • Recruit and encourage students to participate in a variety of opportunities
  • Encourage students to participate in visual and performing arts starting at a young age
  • Eliminate barriers to participate for students without financial or emotional supports


  • Grow student interest and connect them with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • Assist staff and students in cultivating a growth mindset

GOAL: We will partner to build culturally responsive schools, where all children are known, supported, and connected through positive relationships in a safe environment.


  • Identify student social-emotional needs and seek resources to support them
  • Provide authentic, real-life and engaging mentorships and learn about our students
  • Develop connections and relationships within Washougal so staff and students can contribute to the community


  • Work with service organizations, businesses, social service providers, families, students, and staff
  • Encourage students to develop perseverance, determination, and resiliency
  • Partner with early learning providers
  • Invest in birth to three programs
  • Provide mental health supports for students
  • Ensure a safe and welcoming learning environment


  • Seek partnerships to provide engaging opportunities for students
  • Reduce challenges and barriers to parental participation

GOAL: We will maximize resources to create opportunities for our students through a transparent budget process that aligns with our priorities for student achievement and operations of the district. Every dollar matters.


  • Realign budget codes to track expenditures by location and source fund
  • Identify priorities and opportunities to best serve students


  • Provide an inviting, safe, and well-maintained physical environment that inspires community pride
  • Develop a realistic staffing model and four-year budget plan focused on improving student achievement
  • Retain and invest in excellent staff


  • Engage families and community in budget development
  • Ensure that our funds are providing optimal access for student success
  • Be transparent and accountable for all expenditures


As we move forward to achieve these goals, we will use multiple metrics for each goal, focusing on academics, college/career/work readiness, culture & climate, disparities for different subgroups, and participation rates for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. These metrics are contained in the WSD Board Ends Report.

Mid-Point Check-In Process

As we approached the mid-point in the 6 year plan, the district kicked off a check-in process, which was an opportunity for you to share your feedback about our schools, programs, and services to help us continue our work knowing, nurturing, and challenging all students to rise. This also informed the budgeting process that supports the work outlined in our strategic plan. As we’ve done in past years, we surveyed our community, families of students, and staff, and incorporated the shared ideas and thoughts on our progress, so can work to continue our excellent work together.

Success Under the Plan

ESD 112 Regional Teacher of the Year Donna Schatz from WHS pictured with a student working on a project

Attracting and retaining excellent staff, with recognition and awards for staff and programs at across the district

Washougal Youth ARTS Month March 1-31 on green background with WACA logo City of Washougal Logo and Washougal Schools Foundation Logo on a colorful background.

Innovative programs that support artistic, athletic, and vocational pursuits. New programs like Youth Arts Month, new clubs and activities for student engagement.

Enroll today, inscribase su hijo hoy, Washougal School District has a new dual language program for 5 year olds. with district logo and dual language logo, and photo of teacher seated at table with several students.

Programs families asked for, like Transitional Kindergarten and Dual Language

Be you, be known - where you can learn the tools of the trade - picture of two students working on project

Career & College Readiness with Dual Credit and a solid plan for students after high school, and a near 90% on-time high school graduation rate


Investments in student support, AVID, MTSS, and our Equity work

Washougal High School AVID website with background and information

Culinary meals

Stewardship of resources while improving the experience for students, like our Culinary program, and multiple recognitions for our efforts to create sustainable programs that minimize waste and reduce expenditures, such at the EarthGen awards.