The Washougal Board of Directors, commonly known as the School Board, governs Washougal School District in accordance with state law. Each of the five Board members is elected to a four-year term, and each member represents a specific geographical area of the school district

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Policy Governance
In 2005, the Board conducted extensive research before adopting a specific governance structure called Policy Governance. Four categories of Board policies create the structure, as described below:

1. Governance Process policies

These policies prescribe how the Board will operate and effectively work together.

2. Board/Superintendent Relations policies

These policies prescribe how the Board will operate and effectively work together.
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3. Ends policies

These policies prescribe the expected district outcomes in terms of student achievement.

4. Executive Responsibilities

These policies set the responsibilities of the Superintendent in the strategic leadership of the school district and the comprehensive day-to-day operations.

5. Policy Governance Calendar

This is the calendar that the board uses for working with the Superintendent to review the Policy Governance structure. As the Executive Responsibilities are approved by the School Board they are posted on the district website.
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In addition to the Policy Governance structure the School Board reviews and adopts Board Policies which outline the operational structure of the school district and assure that the district meets all regulatory mandates established in Washington State and Federal law. School Board policies are organized under six categories: Directors, Instruction, Students, Community Relations, Personnel, and Management Support. See School Board Policies.

Board of Directors Meeting Calendar
The Washougal Board of Directors meet at the Washougal School District Administrative offices, 4855 Evergreen Way, Washougal, WA 98671. Board meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. unless posted differently. Board agendas are posted on the district website prior to the Board meeting.

Executive Responsibilities Reports

ER 1 – Global Constraints

ER 2 – Emergency Succession Planning

ER 3 – Treatment Of Parents, Students And The Public

ER 4 – Treatment Of Staff, Volunteers And Parents

ER 5 – Staff Compensation

ER 6 – Staff Evaluation

ER 7 – Budget Planning

ER 8 – Financial Administration

ER 9 – Facilities

ER 10 – Asset Protection

ER 11 – Communication And Counsel To The Board

ER 12 – Communication With The Public

ER 13 – Instructional Program

ER 14 – Instructional Materials Selection

ER 15 – District Calendar

ER 16 – Student Conduct And Discipline

ER 17 – Technology

Ends Report