District Counseling

The Washougal District Counseling Program is a comprehensive guidance and counseling program that is dedicated to working collaboratively with students, parents and community members.  It includes licensed school counselors, social workers, and other professional staff K through 12.

Mission Statement

As part of the Washougal School District, the K-12 Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program supports each student in reaching his or her full academic, career, and personal potential in order to become a responsible community member.

Vision Statement

The Washougal School District K-12 Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program will work collaboratively to support students to become educated, healthy, responsible and successful citizens.

What is a Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program (CGCP) ?

A comprehensive school counseling program is developmental in nature and promotes the learning process.  It is systematic, sequential, clearly defined, and accountable.   School Counselors and School Social Workers are Master’s level professionals with special certification.  Counselors, in partnership with families, other educators, and the community, help students develop important lifelong abilities to be successful in life.

The WSD Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program Provides Students with Opportunities to Aquire Knowledge and Skills in Three Areas..

Academic Development

  1. Skills to become a self-directed and life long learner.
  2. Develop and monitor educational plans to achieve academic potential.
  3. Understand the relationship of academics to real life situations.

Career Development

  1. Know where and how to obtain information about the world of work and make informed career decisions.
  2. Apply career exploration and planning skills in the achievement of pursing career goals.
  3. Identify the relationship between personal qualities, education, training, and the world of work.

Personal / Social Development

  1. Acquire interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others.
  2. Develop effective coping skills and problem-solving strategies.
  3. Apply skills to make safe and healthy choices.

Counseling Services

Guidance Curriculum

Counselors teach and/or provide classroom lessons and collaborate with teachers on topics that facilitate student acquisition of skills in the three areas of academics, career awareness, and personal/social development.

Responsive Services

  1. Individual counseling
  2. Counseling groups
  3. Parent, teacher, student collaboration
  4. Crisis counseling and crisis response
  5. Referral services
  6. Mediation

Individual Student Planning

  1. Individual appraisal of abilities, interests, skills and achievement
  2. Five-year educational plan established for each student in grades 9-12
  3. Transition planning Elementary to Middle and Middle to High School
  4. Student Assistance Teams to address academic/behavioral concerns

System Support Services

  1. Consultation with parents, teachers, administrators
  2. Program coordination
  3. Professional development
  4. Community outreach

Student Advocacy

  1. Work for the personal success and self-advocacy of every student
  2. Identify and minimize barriers to learning
  3. Promote equity

Confidentiality in Counseling

The professional responsibility of School Counselors and School Social Workers is to respect the right to privacy of those with whom they enter into a counseling relationship. Professional school counselors must keep abreast of and adhere to all laws, policies, and ethical standards pertaining to confidentiality. The counselor must not abridge this confidentiality except when there is a reasonable suspicion of danger to the student and/or other persons.

Counselor Contacts:  Please Visit Your Child’s School’s Webpage to Find Counselor Contact Information.