The new student-operated Career and Technical Education (CTE) Food Truck will be rolling out to serve our community soon. Thank you to those who participated in the naming contest. We would like to introduce the new Food Truck name…drum roll

Panther’s ‘Shoug Shack!

So, WSD students of all ages continue to be invited to take part in our next contest which calls for all creative thinkers! YOU have ideas and we want to hear them. In this phase of the contest we are looking for concept IDEAS of how you would visually represent Panther’s ‘Shoug Shack as a LOGO to appear on the food truck. Take a moment to THINK about how the name Panther’s ‘Shoug Shack makes you FEEL then answer the following questions. This is a TEAM effort and we so are excited to see what creative ideas you come up with during this fun brainstorming exercise!

And what is next?  Be on the lookout in the months to come for the final design reveal of Panther’s ‘Shoug Shack.

Thank you for participating and being part of the CTE Food Truck’s journey. A special thank you to Sofia Pavia and Kathy Scobba for their work to provide a ‘clean slate’ truck to help our students visualize their concepts.

All rights to the name and creative concepts will be that of the Washougal School District and will be used to brand this truck for use in our community.




For more information or frequently asked questions, click the link here.