Gause second grade students of Lisa Haskins and Julie Taie came face to face with an amazing array of insects and learned some valuable life lessons along the way at a special classroom presentation by “The Bug Chicks” on May 13.Entomologist Kristine Reddick holds an insect and allows a student to pet it's back while other students look

“The Bug Chicks” director and founder, Kristie Reddick, is an entomologist and award-winning university lecturer, who uses insects as a vehicle to teach about bravery and educational empowerment and inspire students to see that “different isn’t bad.”

A student holds an insect during a classroom lesson on bugs while another student looks at it

The lesson focused on understanding the definition of an insert, benefits they offer our world and ways they communicate. “That hissing sound from a roach does not mean they are mad and going to pounce,” explained Reddick. “It actually means ‘Please don’t eat me!'” Students were able to see, hold and touch several types of bugs including a variety of colorful moths, a water roach and tarantula. They used the experience to overcome any fear they may have had and to feel empowered showing bravery. Classmates supported nervous friends, and, in the end, all students in the Haskins’ class circle took the opportunity to touch, get to know and appreciate these creatures.

Thank you to the Gause Boosters for their generous funding of this program.

Entomologist Kristine Reddick hands an insect to a student and allows a student to touch it's back while other students look