The Washougal School Board said goodby to board director Teresa Lees, who is stepping down after serving on the board for 5 years.  Superintendent Dr. Mary Templeton shared appreciation for Teresa’s leadership and guidance, presenting a bronze apple engraved with the dates of her service at the 11-26-2019 board meeting.  Other board members praised Teresa for her service and support of schools, athletics, and staff. Superintendent Mary Templeton and Board Director Teresa Lees, holding daughter

Dr. Templeton shared that “Teresa Lees was appointed to the school board in October 2014, and has used her time on the school board to listen and learn about the district, while guiding initiatives to support students, families, and teachers.”  She added that “Teresa thoughtfully approached the work on the board, leveraging her experience as a parent when considering the impact of changes on the experiences we offer to students and their families.”  She also noted that “during her tenure she served as board vice president, and helped challenge the district to do more to address the achievement gap for students from different backgrounds and family statuses.”

Teresa has been a positive, cheerful presence at events like the STRIDE as well as serving in community roles supporting the school levies and bond.  Teresa shared that she viewed “serving on the board as a way to give back to the community and the schools,” since she couldn’t volunteer in each child’s classrooms.  An enthusiastic parent supporter of athletics, Teresa used her board position to cheer on WSD student athletes, praise coaches, and see Washougal’s programs rise to very high competitive standards.