Dear Washougal Community,

I want to share some sad news about a former colleague, Sandy Ladd, who has passed away.  Sandy was found in her home on June 14, and local law enforcement is investigating her death.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family as they grieve her loss.

Sandy worked serving students as a secretary, administrative assistant, and receptionist in various roles through her career.  She worked for Washougal schools for more than 28 years, from 1987 until 2015.

Sandy was dedicated to her family, and worked multiple jobs for years as a single parent to support her children, and provide them with education and opportunities.  After leaving Washougal schools, she continued to work at Burgerville in East Vancouver, and loved running into former colleagues, students, and friends.  She cared deeply for those she served and worked with.

In addition to her administrative support at District Office, Sandy worked in Special Services and at Cape Horn-Skye, among other roles with the district.  She was a major support for the summer meal programs in many years, working to ensure that students and families were able to access food during the summer break.  She also supported many after school meetings, working with the superintendent and school board for more than a decade while the 1999 bond projects were underway.  Sandy was active with state organizations, supporting the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee that worked to train classified staff around the state.

Details about ways to support her family or participate in a memorial will be shared on the district website when they are available.

Mary Templeton, Superintendent