“Twelve Days of Christmas” rang from loudspeakers, tents covered in lights, signs and decorations filled the school sidewalks, costumed teachers and staff of Cape Horn-Skye Elementary and Canyon Creek Middle Schools representing each day in the classic song danced and waved as families drove by enjoying the show from their cars.  It was the first-ever 12 Days of Christmas Drive By event on Thursday, December 17.

“The school community here has such deep traditions in holiday events and concerts,” said Brian Amundson, CH-S/CCMS principal, dressed as a drummer drumming. “We could not just let this season pass without trying something.”

The celebration was inspired by a longstanding tradition at CH-S.  “At the end of the Holiday Concert, the audience would be divided into parts of the twelve days song and would sing to teachers and staff,” explained Heather Kassel, event organizer.  “It is such a wonderful tradition that we wanted to do something that kept it alive.”

“So instead of the students entertaining us at a holiday concert, we are entertaining them,” Amundson added.

“This was important since our kids missed out this year on the wonderful school holiday traditions they look forward to,” said Alden Clark, assistant principal, dressed as a partridge.  “We had an amazing staff turn out and the families seemed to love it.”

Kassel said her favorite part of the night was the happiness kids were showing.  “It was great when the inside car lights were on and we could see the smiles and joy in their faces,” she said.

ladies dancingmaids milkingturtle doves


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