The Jemtegaard Middle School band helped Columbia River Gorge Elementary third-grade students of Ellen Hein, Angela Barnes and Carlie Green better understand concepts of sound and sound waves by experiencing real-life applications.


“JMS band students joined our all-grade level Zoom class and played their instruments for them,” said Hein.  “Our current CKLA unit is Light and Sound, and one of the learning goals is that students will understand pitch, frequency, how sound waves are made by vibrations and how the length of the sound wave is related to frequency and the pitch of the sound.” 


 “The students and JMS band teacher, Dr. Jennifer Bohn-Hodapp, did an excellent job demonstrating and explaining how their instruments make different sounds,” said Hein. “Our young students stayed engaged and witnessed how different sized instruments make sounds with different pitches, how sound waves travel, and other concepts they are learning during this unit of study.”


Participating JMS students were Logan LaFave, Evan Elliott, Chance Wilson, London Schaffer and Zackary Nelson. 


“This collaborative learning opportunity between the two schools greatly enriches our third graders’ learning, and we were happy to be able to continue it via distance learning,” added Hein.