Panther of the Month – February 2021

The Panther of the Month award is given to students who consistently display the pillars of PRIDE.  Those are perseverance, respect, integrity, diversity and empathy.

Charlotte Baker, Class of 2021 – Charlotte is one of the hardest working students that I’ve ever had. Every time I put her in a breakout room she participates and often takes the lead. She wants to be a pediatric oncologist and has held onto that dream and it drives her to success. To me, Charlotte represents the backbone of our AP program. Her quiet and unassuming diligence is, in my mind, what I’d like to teach every AP student; she embodies the humility and work ethic that make our society tick. If I didn’t see her passion for medicine, I’d work hard to convince her that she ought to become a teacher because she is an excellent role model for all.


Braden Unruh, Class of 2022 – Braden has made leaps and bounds with independence and reaching out to teachers for support. You can find Braden seeking out teachers every morning for support as a student who has utilized morning support. He has demonstrated a strong desire to learn and has maintained a positive attitude about school.


Princesa Gonzalez-Campos, Class of 2023 – Princesa has put in a lot of hard work this semester and it really shows. She is also very kind and respectful during class. She contributes during class and fully engages in the synchronous lessons.


Barrett Justis, Class of 2024 – Any teacher would be lucky to have Barrett in their class. He is an active learner who not only participates during class but also actively shares out to support the class. I look forward to Barrett’s positivity every day in class. He always has a big smile on his face and is ready to go. He is a tremendous student but an even better person.