Washougal High School’s Panther of the Month Program celebrates the individual achievements of students by sustaining a culture of learning that not only values academic success but elevates awareness of student contributions to the Washougal community at large.

Students are nominated by teachers and staff and selections are based on the WHS Pillars of P.R.I.D.E. Those are perseverance, respect, integrity, diversity, and empathy.

taylorTaylor Vincent, Class of 2021
“Taylor has been a trooper over the past year. She has always been a great student, but her leadership and her ability to reach others has shown through recently. Taylor keeps engaged, helps others to complete tasks and assignments and understands how to truly listen to her peers when they need her. I have been so impressed with her leadership skills.”




Izzy Ezekiel Cerling-Austin, Class of 2022
“Zeke is an exceptional student who is highly self-motivated. He is consistently engaged in classroom discussions and brings a thoughtful, unique perspective to our learning. His friendly attitude and caring nature are a bright light during these uncertain times. He is not only a model student but also an all-around awesome person.”




williamWilliam Wright, Class of 2023
“William has had huge success this school year. He turns work in on time, goes to all of his Zoom classes and participates with his camera on. William is a tremendous example of a student who has taken charge of his learning during all of the changes that COVID 19 has presented. — William is a student that is always working hard no matter how classes have been. He always brings his personal flare and energy to class.”




izzy Isabell Oster, Class of 2024
“Izzy is a leader in the class. Whether she knows it or not, her energy and the example she sets has brought this class to a whole other level. She is always active, always asking questions, and always willing to help those around her. It is noticeable on the days when she is not in class because she is such a huge part of why this class is successful. I wish I had more Izzy’s in other classes, she is one of a kind!”