The only thing brighter than the brightly colored shoes lined up on tables in the Hathaway Elementary play structure were the smiles of students as they laced up their new sneakers at the Shoe-a-palooza event June 9.

“I am thrilled for this opportunity for our families,” said Wendy Morrill, Hathaway Principal. “It has been a challenging year and this type of event sends a message of hope and that life is coming back to normal.  The school is reopened and providing resources for our families again.”

The shoes, one pair for every Hathaway student, were sourced through Operation Warm and funded by a local non-profit. “This was such a generous gift,” said Nancy Boon, WSD Family Resource Coordinator.  “The estimated value of the 260 pairs of shoes ordered by our families was nearly $6,000.  That’s pretty amazing!”

All Hathaway families received a form to order their child’s shoe size. The shoes were organized by grade level on tables to be picked up and tried on.  If a different size was needed, it was accommodated.  Students who missed the event had their shoes sent home with them the next day.

“In my experience shoes are in high demand from our families,” said Penelope Porche, WSD Family Resource Coordinator. “Children are always growing and needing new ones.  This event was such a wonderful opportunity for our community to partner with the school and spread joy for all students.”

“We received such wonderful, positive feedback on our forms from grateful families,” said Boon.