While Washougal School District teachers prepare classrooms for the return of students, the WSD facilities maintenance crew is at work getting school grounds in tip-top shape!

“We identified our top priorities to have completed before school begins,” said new WSD Facilities, Maintenance, & Grounds Supervisor, Jessica Beehner.  “We had 3 days, and we are working as a team to get it done!”

In addition to making sure the school front entrances look welcoming, safety checks are completed, and new classroom equipment is installed, all playgrounds are receiving a new layer of wood chips. “We are spreading 130 yards of chips,” said Beehner.  “And since we are using our own vehicle and driver for delivery, we were able to get 25 yards more chips for our budget.”

And although playgrounds are tan colored after the hot summer, the crew is confident by late September or early October the grass will be green again.

Beehner is a Washougal resident and joined WSD in mid-July having held a similar position at Camas School District. The WSD maintenance team members are Beehner, Jerry Adams, Wade Bork, Rob Dinnel, and Al Seaman.