The Skamania County Sheriff’s Office has asked us to release information about the investigation that took place this morning, and which prompted the modified lockdown at Cape Horn-Skye Elementary and Canyon Creek Middle School.

A Canyon Creek Middle School student reported an attempted child luring that took place while they were waiting to be picked up by the school bus on the way to Canyon Creek.  The student reported this to staff, who called 911.  Skamania County Sheriff’s Office took quick action, directing school staff to initiate the modified lockdown, ensure student safety on the Cape and CCMS campus, and checked the area for any threats.

Skamania County Sheriff’s Office is continuing their investigation, and is seeking the public’s help in identifying any likely suspect.  They have done a reverse 911 call to houses in the area, talked with neighbors, and canvassed the area where the luring took place.  They are asking residents to check any security cameras for footage from this morning between 7 AM and 8 AM looking for a small black sedan or SUV in the vicinity of Canyon Creek Road.

Officers with the Sheriff’s Office reiterated that there is no known threat to the school campus at this time.  They will have an increased presence at Cape and CCMS, and in the vicinity near the school, each day this week as they continue their investigation.  They are also working with a forensic artist to produce a sketch for the public to try to identify a suspect.

If you have any questions about the investigation, or information that may help, you can reach out to the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office at 509-427-9490.