Fran McCarty, library assistant at WHS, has passed away after a long battle with cancer.  Our thoughts are with Fran’s family and as they mourn her passing.

Fran served in the WHS Library for 13 years, working with students from WHS and Excelsior High School during her time.  Fran’s consistent presence, calm demeanor, and amazing smiles brought patrons to the library to read, participate in activities, and seek support with finding information, books, and any other resources.

Fran was an avid reader and passionate about literacy, working closely with the students in the Keepers of the Library and participating in field trips to Powell’s to add materials to the WHS collection.  Fran brought years of experience in private industry to her role at WHS, and helped students prepare for presentations, interviews, and performances, teaching life-long job readiness skills to a generation of Washougal’s youth.  She was passionate about solving problems and helping students find their success, always guiding and fostering growth in the young people she served.

In addition to her work with the WHS Library, Fran was an active supporter of performing arts in Washougal, helping design and create costumes for many of the drama productions.  An incredible seamstress, Fran crafted stunning outfits for many shows. The Ursula dress used in WHS Drama’s 2016 production of “The Little Mermaid” posed technical challenges and complicated design elements that required dozens of hours to craft and refine.

During a visit to the District Office in November, Fran noted that these designs still live on via video of performances on YouTube.  She shared with us that memories and relationships built via her time spent with youth are something she will always cherish.  Fran’s passion for literacy, dedication to the arts, and can-do attitude will be missed.

Let's remember fran 1-8-2022 1:45 PM Washburn performing Arts center at WHS, livestream to be determined, with photo of Fran, and clouds in background