We are very thankful for the swift actions on the part of students, staff, and first responders during the bathroom fire this morning at Washougal High School.  Students and staff rehearse steps to take during emergencies, and responded to today’s fire alarm by following the steps needed to evacuate to safety. The quick evacuation of our school kept students and staff safe.

The safety of students, staff, and visitors in our schools is always our first priority. Our maintenance staff are working with a restoration crew to ensure the WHS facility is ready for school tomorrow, and we expect school to resume on time for all students.

The Washougal Police Department is working with the Camas-Washougal Fire Department on an investigation into the causes of the bathroom fire.  Based on what is known, law enforcement believes this was an act of arson, and they are working to identify suspects in this crime.  Given the seriousness of this incident, the school district intends to press charges against those involved in today’s fire.

Students, families, or community members with information about this incident are encouraged to call the non-emergency police number 311 to help ensure those responsible are held accountable.

Washougal High School has canceled after school activities, athletic practices, and clubs for today.  The athletic department is working with the league to reschedule tonight’s soccer game vs. Hockinson. The Youth Arts Month gallery, which will take place in the Excelsior building from 5-7, will take place as previously scheduled, as this building was not impacted by today’s events.

The incident today may be related to a national viral trend on Tiktok and other social media platforms where youth vandalize a school facility and post video or photos of it afterwards.  It is very important that families talk with their children about the danger of engaging in these activities, and the potential for consequences both in school as well as in the justice system.